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Maxima "Chain Guard"

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Maxima "Chain Guard"

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Maxima Chain Guard

Maxima Chain lube and Chain guard is a vital motocross chemical for all types of riders. Whether you are a motocross racer or desert rat, chain lube will help your chain spin/roll freely along your chain guide and sprockets. Maxima Chain Guard helps to extend the life of your chain by protecting the O-rings from dirt, dust, and other particles that can cause damages to your links. Chain Guard is a product that every rider should keep in the tool box. Whether you are going out for a track day, or a weekend in the desert you should always lube your chain before every ride. Chain tension is caused by your chain have debris stuck inside the links or it being dried out. Every time your rear tire is spinning there is some levels of tension on your chain, so why not help mitigate that tension with some chain lube. After all, it would suck to be stranded in the middle of the desert with a snapped chain...yes that i an speaking from a personal experience. Track riding also causes a lot of stress and tension on your chain, and although it is unlikely, you never want your chain to snap while you are pinned in a whoop section or about to hit a triple. Get some Chain Guard from Maxima today and be prepared for every ride day.

Maxima Chain Lube Specs:

  • Waterproof and heat resistant
  • Safe for all O'ring chains
  • Super clean 100% synthetic chain lube