MSR Racing


BTO Sports offers a variety of MSR Motocross Gear Combos at unbeatable prices. These MSR Dirt Bike Gear Combos are built to last and withstand wear and tear for years. Get MSR Motocross Combos to look and ride your best today.

 MSR Racing

MSR Racing

MSR Racing has been around for 46 years and has been providing some of the top athletes in motocross with trustworthy motocross parts since. They are a reliable company that was established in 1971 and founded by motorcycle racing legend Malcolm Smith. As they started out producing throttle and brake cables they quickly became a leading manufacturer of motocross apparel and parts. MSR Racing is now a staple within the motocross industry that supplies motocross riders with gear, parts, accessories and apparel. They produce top quality MSR racing gear to professional athletes such as: Ryan Sipes and other pro-ams like Nick Davis, Grant Baylor, Robby Bell and many more!

We have a large inventory of MSR gear combos, jerseys, pants, helmets and much, much more. For instant we have the MSR NXT gear combo that comes in a wide selection of colors to match your personal color scheme.


MSR Racing has a great line of race wear that looks amazing, is incredibly comfortable, and has been revolutionized over the years to become one of the leading race gear on the market. Here at BTO Sports we strive to provide riders with top quality motocross gear, parts, accessories, and apparel, as well as our customers. Everyone who riders motocross understands the importance of getting high quality gear that will last long, and have resilience against crashes and harsh riding conditions. No one wants to purchase a new set three times or even twice a season. I know I don’t and personally, I will wear the same gear for years until it is too dirty, smelly and worn out to be worn any more.

MSR Racing does a great job at providing the qualities that top motocross riders look for in race gear and make gear for riders of all ages, skill levels, and types of riding. Whether you are an enduro rider who loves hitting the treacherous back country trails, a motocross rider that bangs bars and rubs plastics, or an open-desert rider who rips through the shrubs n trails, MSR makes and manufactures the gear you will need to do all of the above. From MSR jerseys and pants, to Helmets and jackets, BTO Sports will have you covered with all the MSR race gear you need this season. Thank you for shopping with us here at BTO Sports. We greatly appreciate your business and hope to see you around our local tracks in the near future.

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