NiteRider Lights

NiteRider Motorcycle and Helmet lights

NiteRider produces high intensity lights that are designed to be mounted on ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs, and more. If you are looking for a bright light to mount on your helmet or your bike, NiteRider has you covered. \


NiteRider Motorcycle lights

BTO Sports has a wide variety of products, gear, and accessories to choose from to enhance your riding experience with each and every ride. One of the many products that we provide to our customers is the line of NiteRider lights. These lights are designed specifically to be used for off-road conditions and allow you to see the trails with even when the sun goes down. Check out the line of NiteRider lights that are available here at BTOsports.com!

Types of NiteRider Lights

The NiteRider Pro 1800 Hardwire light is the light that will get you through the long night rides and help you ride safely back to camp during the darkest hours of the night. It has a max lumen output of 1800 and is capable of being used up to 25 hours. The hardwire design allows you mount the light directly to your bikes power source and provide you with longer lasting light output then its rivals. Along with that, this product also comes with the jawbone MX helmet mount for a secure and solid installation. Made to meet the standards and demands of off-road conditions, this NiteRider light will light up everything in your path during the night. We also have the Pro 1800 adventure set that is comes with two of these NiteRider Pro 1800 hardwire lights to give you the ultimate set up for night riding. These lights are perfect for lighting up the trails on a night ride so the whole family can join. Check them out today!

Pro 1800 Helmet Mount

Another version of this light is the personal helmet mount pro 1800. This helmet light is easily installed on the top of your helmet to light up the trails and help focus on what is in front of you. The lumen output and run time is the same topping out at 1800 lumens and 25 hours. This 4 cell Lithium Ion battery has six light settings so you can customize it to your preferred setting and has two different mounting options. The Endure model has the jawbone MX helmet mount and the Snow Model has the snowmobile helmet mount; be sure to pick the right one for your specific usage and start lighting up the night with these NiteRider pro 1800 lights.

750 Lumina MX Light

There is also the NiteRider 750 Lumina MX light that is perfect for mounting on your helmet. This small helmet light should not be overlooked as it has a 750 lumen output, 18 hours of total run time, a quick charge time of 3 hours, and five light settings to suit all of your needs. This NiteRider Helmet light will help light up the darkest of trails and with its stick-on pivot helmet mount the installation process is quick and simple.