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P3 - Carbon Fiber 2-Stroke Pipe Guards (Husqvarna)

Product Code: p3-carbon-fiber-2-stroke-pipe-guards-husq
P3 - Carbon Fiber 2-Stroke Pipe Guards (Husqvarna) Zoom

P3 - Carbon Fiber 2-Stroke Pipe Guards (Husqvarna)

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 P3 - Carbon Fiber 2-Stroke Pipe Guards (Husqvarna)

P3 has now established itself as the industry’s premium carbon composite protection line. P3 is breaking new ground and redefining the industry with its new P3D™ and P3 Rally Division product lines! P3 protected riders are dominating offroad racing around the world from the ISDE to the TKO to GNCC! Ask BTO Sports for American made P3 products! P3 mission statement is to continue to manufacture the finest quality carbon fiber protection products for offroad motorcycles, made with pride in the USA. P3 has a lot planned for the upcoming year, please follow P3 for the latest news.

P3 products serve three purposes. 1) The Heat Shield keeps your expensive riding pants and boots protected from super heated exhaust pipes. 2) The Pipe Guard protects your sensitive head pipe from unwanted dents and dings. 3) P3’s polished carbon product and colorful logo gives your off-road machine a full factory racing look!

P3 Carbon Fiber 2-Stroke Pipe Guards feature:

• Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass composites for super high impact strength

• Our special blend of high temperature resins for long life and high strength

• Special DEI Hi temp Coating on under side to resist temperatures up to 1500°F

• New DEI Thermal Headpipe Barrier increases lifespan of product

• Hi-strength clear coat for great looking carbon

• Molded design for a perfect fit

• Extremely easy to mount

• Hand made in the USA