Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Honda)

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    Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Honda)

    One of the most trusted available in the business. Used by most factory race teams.

    These Renthal Countershaft Sprockets feature self-cleaning grooves which clear mud from the sprocket, which results in longer life of the countershaft sprocket.


    Motocross is the one of the most demanding action sport not only on the rider, but the bike as well. Racers know how important it is to do routine checks on their dirt bike to make sure everything is running properly and drive parts are not worn down or about to break. The Front and rear sprockets are crucial components to the drive parts and should be carefully inspected after and before every ride. BTO Sports offers a great selection of countershaft sprockets and the Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Honda) is one of them. This Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Honda) is a great motocross part that can change the gear ratios of your dirt bike severely by changing the amount of teeth on either the Front Countershaft sprocket or the rear sprocket. It’s a “rule-of-thumb” that for every 1 tooth you change on the front, it is like changing 3-4 teeth on the rear. The Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Honda) is a high quality sprocket made from Nickle-Chrome-Molybdenum steel that is case hardened and core refined to maximize durability, strength, and hardness. Renthal provides some of the best racers in the world with high quality race performance motocross parts that you too can use! These Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Honda) are essential dirt bike parts to replace when wear and tear is visible to make sure you stay safe on the track or in the desert. Don’t rely on old worn out sprockets, chains, or guide slides and rollers to get you through the day; purchase the Renthal - Front Standard Countershaft Sprocket (Honda) and keep yourself riding safely all day long.


    Quicker Acceleration (more bottom end)

    • Smaller front Honda Renthal countershaft sprocket or Honda Renthal larger rear sprocket will give you faster acceleration. (Changing 1 tooth in the front = 3-4 teeth in the rear).
    • This gives your Honda dirt bike a lower gearing ratio and is ideal for tight trail riding and tracks with limited straight sections. Lower gear ratios are typically used for Arenacross rather than open desert riding.

    For More Top Speed (more top end)

    •  A Larger Honda Renthal front sprocket or smaller Honda Renthal rear sprocket will do the job! Larger gear ratios for a smoother launch and throttle response. Great for motocross tracks, or open desert riding
    • Gives your Honda dirt bike higher gear ratios for maximum speed and less acceleration.