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Renthal - Ultralight Rear Sprocket (Yamaha)

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    Renthal - Ultralight Rear Sprocket (Yamaha)

    Renthal sprockets are tested and developed by the best race teams around the world to produce one of the best motocross parts available. Renthal, with the help of Professional race teams, is able to rapidly innovate and make changes to their designs and manufacturing techniques as their products are manufactured in house. The Renthal - Ultralight Rear Sprocket (Yamaha) combine strength, weight, and durability into a unique formula making them the top choice for professional AMA Motocross and Supercross teams. These dirt bike sprockets are designed with a perfect weight distribution design to ensure revolving un-sprung mass is kept at a minimum and the power transfer at an all-time high. These Renthal - Ultralight Rear Sprocket (Yamaha) are CNC machines to have the best possible tolerances to provide motocross riders with perfect fitting, and reliable Renthal sprockets. The Renthal - Ultralight Rear Sprocket (Yamaha)come in various colors and sizes, so whether you need to re-gear your bike, or replace the worn out stock chain wheels, we suggest you invest in Renthal - Ultralight Rear Sprocket (Yamaha).

    • Weight - Designed to keep revolving un-sprung mass to an absolute minimum and power transfer at a maximum
    • Premium Materials - High strength 7075 T6 aluminum alloy is used to create the perfect rear chainwheel
    • CNC Machined to the tightest possible tolerances, ensuring an accurate and reliable fit.
    • Mud Grooves - All Renthal Ultralight chainwheels feature self cleaning mud groove technology between each tooth
    • Used by more factory motocross and supercross teams than any other chainwheel in the world


    Quick Tip:

    Quicker Acceleration (more bottom end)

    • Use a smaller (less teeth) front sprocket, or a larger (more teeth) rear sprocket.

    • You need a low gear ratio for quick acceleration which is an ideal setup for tight and technical tracks or trails. Typically not used for open desert riding.

    • Increases torque, decreases top speed.

    For More Top Speed (more top end)

    •  More teeth on the front countershaft sprocket or smaller rear sprocket. . A larger gear ratio gives your bike smoother throttle response and easier acceleration when you drop the clutch.

    • This type of gear is great for wide-open motocross tracks or open desert riding where you really want those longer gear ratios.

    • Maximum speed and less acceleration.