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Scott Buzz MX Goggles

Scott Motocross Goggles

Scott goggles have been providing motocross riders with some of the best eye protection on the market. From youth and amateur riders to top ranked AMA professionals, Scott produces motocross goggles that are trusted by all kinds of racers.


Scott History

This company, Scott, has been around since the 1958 and started out producing ski poles that helped revolutionize the sport of snow skiing. This innovation within the sport of skiing allowed Ed Scott to launch this new brand, Scott, as a product leader within the skiing industry and market. They created Ski poles, boots, and other accessories for skiing, but it was not until the 70’s that Scott entered the motocross market. Scott created the first ever goggle that was specifically designed for motocross racing which lead to their rise of boots, grips, and other motocross accessories. Scott, being a staple within the industry, prospered over the years as motocross began to grow and the demand for motocross gear, parts, and accessories became more important to the riders.

Scott revolutionized not only the sports of skiing and motocross, but this company introduced multiple “firsts” to other sports like mountain biking and cycling such as: new bars, frames. Scott touched on the basis of a large magnitude of sports which has allowed it to become one of the upper echelon companies within the world of action sports and you can now find gear, accessories, and parts for you specific sport. Whether you compete in triathlons, downhill skiing and mountain bike races, or prefer to ride snowmobiles or dirt bikes, Scott will have you covered with the right protective gear for your sport.

Scott Goggles

Scott Introduced the first foam ventilated goggle back in 1971 and has taken unparalleled steps in advancing their technology to be one of the best on the market. The Scott Buzz MX goggles are designed specifically for off road usage. These Goggles are also designed specifically for the younger youth riders as it has a fitment that is optimized for smaller faces. These Scott Buzz MX goggles incorporate state of the art technology like the 2-layer face foam, a non-slip silicone strap, and the Truview single Works lens which is put through an anti-fog treatment system do reduce the chances of the goggles fogging up.

Scott Buzz MX Goggles

The Scott Buzz WFS goggle that is available here at BTO Sports has these features along with a WFS film roll-off system and also has 100% UV protection. These goggles are only available in one color, black, and are designed specifically for youth riders as they are optimized to fit smaller faces. There is also the Scott Buzz MX goggle that is equipped with all of the same features as the Scott WFS goggle, but does not have the WFS roll-off system as it is equipped with the tear-off pegs instead. This Scott Buzz MX Goggle is available in four different colors which allow for maximize customization. Choose from Black/Yellow, Grey/Yellow, Green, and Black. These Goggles are currently on sale, and you are able to check out handfuls of replacement lenses with the great selection of goggle accessories here at BTOsports.com. If you have any questions regarding these goggles or any product we have here give us a call, shoot us an email, or use our live chat feature to get the information you are looking for. Thank you for choosing BTOSports.com!