SlayCo Tee Shirts

Axell Hodges and his father, Phil Hodges, have created their very own line casual apparel. Slayco is a brand new company started by Axell Hodges and is currently available for purchase right here at BTOsports.com!

Axell Hodges and Slayco

We have great expectations for this brand to sell well on our site as Axell Hodges fan based is surreal. Axell Hodges began his journey as a racer. Most racers tend to start before their teens, but Axell began lining up behind the gate around the age of 14. After ripping up the track for years, he got burned out and began riding around his house for fun. From there on everything else is history. Axell quickly became a social media phenom by posting videos of him doing transfers in the backyard over fences, cars, and gnarly whips that were too big for comfort.

Creating videos with friends that own drones in his backyard, at the tracks, and on the streets, Axell Hodges has been able to bring in over 100k followers on social media. What does this mean? This means that BTO Sports is going sell the Slayco line of t-shirts like hotcakes! Since then, Axell has starred in the Doonies videos that take place in the dunes of Glamis, CA with handfuls of the best free riders in the world. These guys come from every corner of the world and produce some of the best action sports footage money can buy. With that being said, it is obvious that Axell Hodges would expand his calling of followers on all platforms of social media.

Slayco Tees

BTO Sports is proud to have Axell Hodges be a part of the BTO Family for various reason. First being that he is a great rider and influence for the sport and his insane style brings fans to their feet and to our website. Second, BTO Sports and Axell Hodges have teamed up to sell his new line of clothing, Slayco! Slayco is exclusive to BTO Sports and you can only purchase these shirts right here at BTOsports.com! Axell came into the BTO Office to showcase his shirts and provide us with his new line of clothing in order to sell them to you, our customers and his fans! There are over 4 different style of shirts to choose from that vary in price. The price has a positive relationship to the material used, the comfort, and the strength of the Slayco T-shirts themselves. Regardless of which one you purchase, they are all constructed from 100% cotton to ensure consistency. Although they may be made from 100% cotton, how they are weaved is what separates the great from the best.

Slayco Shirts

One of these shirts that are going to be the strongest and most comfortable out of the Slayco line is the Slayco Slasher Camo Tee. The reason being that instead of using 100% combed cotton, this shirt is made with 100% ring spun combed cotton. Now, it may not seem like much of a difference at first, but there is! The ring spun cotton used to construct the Slayco Slasher Camo Tee is a more refined, softer, and stronger type of cotton fabric that brings unparalleled comfort and feeling to the one wearing it. How so you might ask? Well when the cotton is put through the unique spinning process, it filters out impurities in the cotton to make it softer and stronger! It’s that simple. Along with that, the camo design on the Slayco Slasher Camo Tee is guaranteed to turn heads, or not, depending on if you’re in the woods or not. Regardless, you will be looking fresh all day long with the Slayco Tee Shirts right here at BTOsports.com!