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Think Technology Dirt Bike Seats

The technology that is used in motocross is constantly changing and growing to allow riders to push the limits with every ride. Whether it is technology to better tune the suspension, power delivery, or simply make the bike lighter, these revolutionary designs have increased the performance of not only the dirt bikes, but the riders as well. Think Technology is gaining recognition with their newly designed dirt bike seat.


Think Technology Lite Seat Foam

The Think Technology lite seat foam is one of the newest and lightest dirt bike seats on the market. Used by racers around the world, like Josh Hansen and Ken Roczen, These Think Technology dirt bike seats are worth the money! The seat foam is constructed from a material that is widely used within the aerospace industry that will help reduce the weight of bike up to one and a half pounds.

Think Technology Dirt Bike Seats

What makes these dirt bike seats unique are the closed-cell, lightweight, and frim density properties. These properties are incorporated specifically to reduce the weight of the foam and disable the foam from absorbing water and gaining weight during the rainy days. Also, these newly designed dirt bike seats from Think Technology are made to provide a more firm feeling than the stock seat foams giving the rider a better overall feeling of their dirt bike.

Think Technology makes a wide variety of dirt bike parts and accessories to give your bike a complete custom make over, but these new dirt bike seats from Think Technology are the ones that will stand out the most, and give your bike a sick new look! Check out all of our great deals on dirt bike gear, parts, accessories, and apparel today at BTOSports.com!