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Thor Limited Edition Gear

Thor MX Gear has grown in popularity every single year since its inception. If serious racing is your game, Thor is where you turn. Not only do they have tried and true veterans, they also have up and coming stars in the motocross world. Names such as Cooper Webb and Jason Anderson cover the race roster. In fact, 2016 has seen Thor sweep the A1 Super cross races in Anaheim. Cooper webb on his dirt bike in the 250 class and Jason Anderson going hard in the 450 class that he has newly entered recently. These will be household names if they start to win more, and Thor will be shot up even higher into the echelon of motocross companies. Thor has releases motocross jersey after motocross jersey and dirt bike pant after dirt bike pant every year, with the most beautiful of styles with subtle twists that keep the brand classy and classic. Thor MX does not disappoint when it comes to motocross gear style. Racers swear by this gear company. With gear combos such as the Thor Phase series, the Thor Core series, and the Thor Prime Fit series, you cannot lose with Thor. Some of the best in each series include the Thor Pime Fit Squad Jersey, the Thor Phase Hyperion Jersey, and the Thor Core Hux Jersey. All of these have been draped on the shoulders of champions at the track. The most famous veteran and campion riders in Thor history has to be Ryan Villopoto. He in a multiple time winner of supercross and will always hold a special place in the hearts of those that appreciate everything motocross. Thor MX could basically be called the house that Villopoto built. While Thor MX has always grown due to their stylish graphics, upper crust quality and supreme comfort, The wins by their riders such as Ryan Villopoto really put Thor into another stratosphere. Every once in a while Thor has special gear that comes out on occasion. The most recent gear they have released is the Thor Core Hux LE Gear set that comes out hot on the heels of the start 2016 Supercross season. Obviously this has ingratiated Thor to its riders, because Thor MX was rewarded by wins from both dirt bike classes of 450 and 250 by Jason Anderson and Cooper Webb respectively. The best motocross gear for the best prices, Thor releases the highest quality gear at the most reasonable prices. Thor is an awesome motocross company with awesome dirt bike riders. Period.

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