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Dirt Bike Speedometers & Tachometers

These speedometers and tachometers are on sale now at BTOsports.com. Check out our great selection of wired, and wireless dirt bike speedometers and tachometers below!


Dirt bike speed and Tachometers

BTO Sports has the Trail Tech hour meters, speedometers, and tachometers to help you understand how your dirt bike is performing throughout the day. The Vaper tachometer, the TTO temperature meter, and the TTO tach0hour meter are all on sale for 10% off! The Vapor tachometer is compatible with multiple types of dirt bike makes and models and is capable of reading current and max speeds. Along with speed, it also displays a real time RPM bar graph, numeric RPM gauge and is able to have programmable shift lights to help you get the perfect shift through every gear. The clock in this dirt bike part allows you to record hours, ride time, and also has a stop watch to help measure lap times and length of motos. Featuring an easy to ready display screen and a water resistant housing, this hour meter is perfect for optimizing the performance of your dirt bike.

There is also the TTO Temperature meter that comes in three different styles; one for air, one for engine, and one for water temperature readings. It is capable of record temperatures from 30- 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 0-260 degrees Celsius. It displays a spinning arrow so you know it is active and recording temps. There is also the TTO Tach-hour meter that is compatible al all gas engines including the newer fuel injection model of dirt bikes. Check them out today and start saving with our great discounted prices. If you are seeking more knowledge on these products give us a call, use our live chat feature, or shoot us an email and we will help you to the best of our ability.