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Troy Lee Designs GP Air Combo


2018 Troy Lee Designs Motocross GP AIR COMBO


Troy Lee Designs has been in the motocross industry since the very beginning.  Troy, himself started painting and creating helmet designs for the world’s fastest racers.  Troy has been expanding his company ever since.  Now, Troy Lee specialize is all protective gear including helmets, gear kits, guards, pads, and everything else necessary for the track.  Troy Lee Designs has become a top motocross company.  Mainly known for prestigious and very protective gear, this organization has flourished over the last couple decades.  Now integrating their products into a KTM factory team, Troy’s products are tested daily. 


The goal at Troy Lee Designs is to create products that innovate and lead the market.  The products created at Troy Lee Designs result in a line of products that help the rider stay focused on their activity and look great while doing it.  Extensive research and development is performed before debuting new products.  Such as the new 2018 line of Troy Lee Designs.  This new 2018 gear is a testament of all the hard work, research, engineering, and time that the entire Troy Lee organization has done over the last 30+ years.  The accumulation of R&D, technology, experience, safety, philosophy, and product design has created an empire.  This empire works to protect riders with the best equipment while looking the most stylish. 


2018 Troy Lee Designs Motocross GP AIR Jersey


BTO introduces the latest 2018 Troy Lee Designs GP AIR combo. This gear combo features a unique look with vibrant colors.  Be the most stylish rider on the track and rock the new 2018 Troy Lee Designs.  This jersey is the most lightweight and highly ventilated gear in the Troy Lee line.  The GP AIR is designed for hot summer, riding conditions.  It offers maximum cooling and airflow for long periods of time.  This is due to the lightweight material and extreme ventilation system.  The engineers at TLD invented a jersey for these outdoor conditions so riders can feel cool without sacrificing protection.  This GP AIR jersey features a ribbed V-neck stretch collar, a tapered cuff designs, gel print, and a drop tail.  All these characteristics aid in helping the rider perform.  Be comfortable and protected, buy the new Troy Lee Designs kit today, available at BTO sports. 


2018 Troy Lee Designs Motocross GP AIR Pant


The pants embody similar characteristic, aiming to let the rider stay cool and free from moisture.  The GP AIR pants are famous for being lightweight. .  Troy Lee Designs incorporated durable materials with a lightweight design to create this new fit.  This keeps the riders cool and protected.  These pants aim toward protecting the rider and allowing for breathability.  It is imperative that a rider feels safe, cool, and dry.  This allows the rider to perform at maximum performance, giving them an advantage over competition. 


Fundamentally, the products from troy lee designs are flawless.  Having been tested all across the world, racers agree that Troy Lee Designs is the most comfortable, durable, and protective.  Evidence of this is all the professionals that are currently representing Troy Lee Designs.  This includes, Shane McElrath, Alex Martin, Jordon Smith, Jessy Nelson, Taylor Robert, and Ivan Ramirez.  Troy Lee Designs products are the top of the market in style, safety, and durability. 




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