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Brand new for 2016, Troy Lee Designs introduces Team KTM Casual Clothing. Growing in popularity every year, KTM riders and gear have grown every single year. Troy Lee Designs Casual Wear is some of the highest quality gear out there, so a marriage with KTM will make the KTM Brand stand out as well. Represent your favorite team and motocross brand with this new collection from Troy Lee Designs, the minds that brought you amazing Team Honda Gear. Troy Lee Designs casual clothing has always been a cut above, showcasing incredible t-shirts, tees, and shirts that are emblazoned with the biggest and most eye-catching graphics. Troy Lee Designs is a motocross company that began with an emphasis on designs. They have showcased some of the sickest designs on the market, and their art team always comes up with new and exciting graphics every single day. Troy Lee Designs KTM Casual Clothing is exceptional, and is in a class of its own when it comes to KTM Gear. No other company comes close to displaying the style and vibrancy that Troy Lee does with the KTM Dirt Bike Brand. Interesting enough, Troy Lee Designs Honda Casual Wear was one of the first brands that the Troy Lee Designs Team has gotten a hold of. They have learned a lot and have used this experience to make the most heralded KTM Clothing line of 2016. New KTM gear used to be rare, but Troy Lee has put it to the forefront. Not only are there tee shirts, but there are also KTM pit shirts, KTM pit paddock shorts, KTM Pit Paddock Pants, KTM Team Hoodies, KTM, Team Fleeces, and KTM Team Backpacks. The list goes on and on. New and popular casual items also include the exciting Team KTM snapback hats. These come in gray and navy and will be sure to break some necks as you walk by other people. Motocross clothing is not forgotten at Troy Lee Designs that’s for sure. While clearance casual is a big part of the equation, brand new dirt bike brand clothing is also what has helped propel Troy Lee Designs to the top of the motocross clothing game. Team KTM Casual Clothing has been heavily sought after in the last few years, and this year is shaping up to be no different. Motocross clothing is important because it’s not possible to be at the track and in your gear at all times, so you have to represent your brand whenever you’re not at the races. Troy Lee Designs KTM Team clothing is your answer. Everyone loves the sleek and beauty of the KTM Machine.


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