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When you think of motocross you might not think of the Netherlands, but thanks to the amazing performance of Twin Air filters and the history of the Twin Air motocross filter, maybe you should. In 1947, the term “motocross” was born in the Netherlands when the Dutch national motorcycle federation held its first international scramble. Teams from Belgium, Great Britain, and the Netherlands competed in this original motocross event, and since that moment the sport has seen a dedicated base of fans and riders who love the sport. But off-road biking in the Netherlands isn't easy! They call this part of the world “the Lowlands” for a reason. The Netherlands is home to lowland fields and dunes that are ideal terrain for riding, but also incredibly frustrating from a maintenance perspective in that they kick up huge amounts of gritty, sandy earth. Back in the 1950s and 1960s stock paper air filters were the only things standing between your motocross engine and all of that debris, and it was a losing battle. Twin Air came on the scene in 1972, and their products change the motocross world in the Netherlands and far beyond. Their breakthrough was their revolutionary laminated, dual-foam air filter. It worked by keeping sand, grime, dirt, and even water out of the carburetor while allowing air to flow freely after being soaked in a special oil. It was durable and effective, and because it was washable it could be used over and over again. Today, Twin Air filters are still evolving, and creating innovative motocross technologies that are far ahead of the rest. Twin Air motocross filters are what more national and world MX champions choose, and they fit more than 20 brands. The Twin Air motocross filter difference The Twin Air motocross filter difference is in great design. Each Twin Air filter features a fused-dual-layer design. Although this design is frequently copied, it has yet to be matched. In each Twin Air motocross filter, layers of fine inner foam and open-pore outer foam are fused together, trapping even the most minute particles. These filters also boost airflow with micro-glued, minimized seams and a rounder design. Experience the boost you get from a Twin Air motocross filter today. Browse our selection of Twin Air filters and give us a shout with your questions.

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