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Motorcycle Batteries

Dirt Bike Batteries

THE WPS battery is a lightweight lithium battery that will give your bike some extra juice to get the motor warmed up on those brisk winter mornings. These batteries are designed with lithium ion polymer technology that helps them remain 50-70% lighter than the standard batteries and comes equipped with great features that make it easy to read.

WPS Batteries

WPS put a built-in LED test gauge so you can clearly read when your battery is charging or is fully charged; this motorcycle battery also has a fast recharge time that can brought up to 90% within 6 minutes, and thanks to the lithium ion technology, this battery has 6 to 12 times more cycle life than the lead acid batteries. Along with all that, these batteries do not contain hazardous acid, heavy metals, and are non-explosive or combustible. There are no shipping restrictions with these batteries and are capable of being mounted in any position. Topping this off is its long shelf life which allows this battery to go one year before needing to be recharged.


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