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This product has been discontinued

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Fox Racing - 2015 Image LE Instinct Boots Zoom
This product is no Longer Available

Fox Racing - 2015 Image LE Instinct Boots

Product Code: fox-2015-image-le-instinct-boot

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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Fox Racing - 2015 Image LE Instinct Boots

Designed with distinct feminine flair, the Fox Racing Instinct Boot brings all the best elements of Fox’s cutting-edge protection with a bold new look. Let’s start from the ground up – this boot has a DURATAC outsole, complete with a limited wear warranty. The heel, midsole and insole are all crafted to make walking or riding equally comfortable. Even the Fox Racing Instinct boot’s buckles make riding enjoyable – and easier to gear up for – thanks to premium pivoting clasps and a configuration that supports the foot. Made to enhance your connection with your ride, this boot offers better brake control, superior shifting and much more.


Comfort and Support:

  • Insole: The athletic footbed acting as the first stage in Instincts progressive cushioning system is similar to one that you would find in a running shoe.
  • Shank: Imbedded in the Polyurethane midsole, the shank design is perfectly positioned to provide arch support while letting the front of the foot & boot flex for bike interface & walking comfort. 
  • Midsole: The PU (Polyurethane) midsole provides amazing step-in comfort & vibration dampening. The embedded tempered Steel Shank is encapsulated in the PU material giving the Instinct footpeg arch support & awesome comfort (Patented Design).
  • Heel: The strategically placed TPU Heel Stabilizer provides heel & arch support.
  • Out sole: Features Fox's DURATAC rubber compound that disperses vibrations from the bike, provides amazing grip & outstanding durability (Lifetime Guarantee).


  • All new Patented buckle design that utilizes a pivoting clasp system.
  • By using a spherical locking head, the Instinct buckle works like a ball & socket joint. The clasp pivots 8 degrees in both directions allowing for automatic natural alignment of the straps.
  • Easy to use, smooth operation time & time again.
  • Buckles move with boot as it flexes.


  • RCI (Ride Control Interface): The entire outsole & medial side of the boot is shaped & textured to provide the rider with unobstructed contact with the bike.
  • LRC (Low Ride Chassis): Gets the riders foot lower & closer to the footpeg. Lower toe box provides easier shifting & better rear brake feel & control.
  • DURATAC rubber compound on the outsole, burn guard & hinge cover was engineered exclusively by Fox's development team. The goal was to achieve optimal grip with bulletproof durability.

Fluid Movement:

  • FRE Hinge design (Full Response Engineering): Provides a controlled range of movement allowing effortless linear mobility & incredible lateral stability.
  • Patented hinge lock-out stops rear motion before hyper extension.
  • Top of boot gasket creates a secure seal. Velcro was eliminated to offer increased mobility.

Limited Sole Warranty:

  • The DURATAC outsole carries a limited wear warranty. Consult the Users Manual for warranty details.