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This product has been discontinued

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O'Neal - 2019 5 Series Wingman Helmet

Product Code: oneal-5-series-wingman-helmet-2019
O'Neal - 2019 5 Series Wingman Helmet Zoom
This product is no Longer Available

O'Neal - 2019 5 Series Wingman Helmet

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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 O'Neal - 2019 5 Series Wingman Helmet

Head safety is critical. At O'Neal, proper head protection is what its all about! O'Neal offers a full range of helmets comprised of state of the art materials and the latest in head protection technology. O'Neal helmets are offered in a range of the highest of safety standards which include DOT, ECE and Australia Standard. Keep your head in the hands of the experts and put your trust in the company that's provided superior rider protection for over 4 decades!

One of the best-selling helmets in 2014 was the O’Neal Wingman Helmet. Fortunately for you guys, this helmet has returned and is currently on sale for only $116.99! This is one deal that cannot be passed up! O’Neal has built this helmet with a lightweight, polycarbonate /ABS shell construction that offers optimal protection for the rider. Head injuries are one of the most common injuries that occur in the sport of motocross which is why helmets are the one piece of equipment you should take very seriously. O’Neal threw on a sick graphic design/paint job on this helmet that reminds me a lot of the movie, Top Gun, and fits the name of the helmet, Wingman, perfectly.

Although the paint job is extensive, the weight of this helmet is an impressive 1380 grams (3.04lbs.)! Don’t let the lightweight design of the O’Neal Wingman helmet to fool you, this helmet can take some punches as it is DOT and ECE approved. Along with passing those safety standards, this O’Neal 5 Series Wingman helmet is equipped with a washable/removable CoolMax interior padded liner that wicks away moisture to help keep you cool and dry throughout your entire ride. Although this helps mitigate sweat build-up, it is not the only thing helping mitigate moisture. The large amount of Air vents that O’Neal threw on this bad boy helps to reduce fog build up in your goggles, dry out the sweat on those hot ride days, and help keep your head nice and cool when your busting out motos! This helmet is definitely one to consider if you are looking to hit the tracks, trails, or open desert!


  • Lightweight polycarbonate/ ABS shell construction
  • Shell weight: 1380g (±50g)
  • Ultra-plush removable/washable Coolmax® padded liner keeps you cool and dry by wicking away sweat
  • Adjustable visor design
  • Multiple air vents keep you cool and dry
  • Durable multi-colored clear coated graphics
  • Replacement liners/ check pads, screws and visors available
  • Meets standards: DOT and ECE 22-05