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This product has been discontinued

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Seven MX - Zero Neo Pant

Product Code: seven-mx-zero-neo-pant
Seven MX - Zero Neo Pant Zoom
This product is no Longer Available

Seven MX - Zero Neo Pant

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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2018.2 Zero Neo Pant - Seven MX

Ready for round two? The second phase of 2018 Seven MX gear has finally dropped! This segmented release strategy avoids the long waits in between new gear announcements, so riders can always have the newest racewear. The 2018.2 features many fantastic products like the Seven MX Zero Neo Pants! These 2018 dirt bike pants are a great way to stand out from the competition, thanks to the unique design! These moto pants are meant to be paired with the 2018.2 Neo Over Jersey and the Zero Compression Jersey. Seven MX is one of the only brands out there that feature this unique 3-piece design for moto racewear.


The 2018.2 Seven MX Zero Neo Pant is another addition to their Zero lineup (which includes the Flite, Staple, Blade styles). These motocross pants are their high end model that comes with all the bells and whistles. Like the Jersey, the Zero Neo dirt bike pants are cut & tailored for an athletic fit, making them perfect for competing. The excess bulk of other brands can be uncomfortable and distracting. These Seven MX pants are lightweight and durable, which is a rare combination in this industry. The pants feature laser cut holes to keep the riders’ legs cool while they burn up the track. The material is also moisture wicking, which increases the cool factor on these pants.


Make sure to check out the full lineup up of 2018.2 Seven MX gear, or the 2018.1 release in case you missed it. Keep your ear to the ground for Phase 2018.3 that will be out summer. You can get all your race gear from the best brands right here at!



  • Athletic compression fit holds muscles tight to reduce unnecessary muscle movement or shaking that results in loss of energy
  • Muscle compression also promotes blood and oxygen flow which aids in quicker muscle recovery allowing for muscles to work at a higher rate for longer periods of time
  • Moisture wicking performance material construction pull’s moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry
  • Stretch mesh panels in the bodies high heat zones help to regulate body temperature
  • Silicone dot gripper tech print in key areas for added grip on knee braces and inner pant liner