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100% Armega Goggle | Product Spotlight


The 100% Armega Goggle is Tomorrow’s MX Goggle… Today.

Today’s spotlight is a doozy! Because the all-new 100% Armega Goggle elevates every aspect of the motocross riding experience. And that is not overstating! Once you put a pair of these goggles on, there’s no going back to what you had before! Let’s check them out.

The 100% engineers carefully develop these amazing goggles. Especially relevant is that world-famous riders then test these goggles to ensure that they are the most sophisticated MX Goggle ever made. So you see- all the components come together to form the ultimate motocross protective gear for the eyes.

Here’s a video direct from our BTO Sports YouTube Channel. It details these great new goggles and gives you an up-close, 360 look at them! Enjoy:

Like nothing else…

The Armega Goggle w/ Mirror Lens offers unparalleled dominance for the modern racer: bringing ULTRA HD lens clarity to motocross. Experience definition never before viewed through the lens of a goggle with increased impact protection and a quick-release lens changing system. ARMEGA. The pinnacle of vision technology.

The new Armega Goggles brim with 100% Technology. They’re signature ULTRA HD lenses are the result of decades of passion, design, craftsmanship and research. With extensive development and testing, they’ve engineered category-defining technology. As a result, they bring unmatched optical clarity to motocross. What’s more- they look incredible!

Loaded with tech- the new Armega Goggle.

100% Armega Goggle Features

First off, these dirt bike goggles sport a bonded, dual-injected frame that incorporates a next-gen sweat management system. As a result, the sweat collects as your ride intensifies and forces it away from the lens. Then it funnels out of the goggle through an integrated channel in the frame. Secondly, force air intakes in the frame promote increased airflow to ensure fog-free vision. All this despite heated efforts overcoming sub-par competition.

Furthermore, the 6-point locking-tab integration secures the lens and works in unison with a quick-change system. Which enables you to switch between lenses with a couple of simple clicks.

McGrath knows his business.

Goggle Features

  • Ultra HD – Injected high impact resistant Ultra HD optically correct lens
  • Integrated 6–point molded Locking Tabs – For maximum lens retention
  • Sealing – Full contour compression gasket for maximum lens sealing
  • Dual Push to lock & lift – To release security latches for maximum lens security
  • Fully bonded Dual Injection Frame – For maximum strength & durability
  • Hi-flow direct injected Air Intake Ports – For maximum humidity evacuation
  • Ultra-Wide Strap – With thick silicon bead for maximum grip
  • Plush 3D molded face foam – For maximum ergonomics and comfort
  • Fully perforated Triple Layer Face Foam – For sweat collection distribution
  • Next generation sweat collection management and drainage system
  • Hi-flow Air Intake Ports – with distribution up & around face foam for added cooling
  • Removable Nose Guard – for extra deflection against roost and debris
  • Supports Triple Post Racing Tear-Offs (Sold Separately)

Here’s another hype video from the manufacturer themselves. And the hype is real- just look at how cool these goggles are! They spruce up any motocross apparel you’ve got lying around in your truck! Check it:

100% is already the racer’s first choice when it comes to goggles. Because they work seamlessly with all dirt bike helmets. And now, 100% is proud to offer their latest and best goggle, the Armega w/Mirror Lens. Clearly, the Armega offers unparalleled dominance for the modern racer. Because it brings ULTRA HD lens clarity to motocross. 

Experience definition and subtlety never before viewed through the lens of a goggle.  Add to that 100%’s proprietary HiPER contrast-enhancing lens technology and you’ll feel the depth of terrain as you’re commanding past it.

HiPER Lens Technology

It’s simple. Humans see three primary colors – Red, Green and Blue. Human vision begins to distort where these three colors overlap. 100% HiPER Lenses filter out these crossovers. As a result, you can expect greater contrast and even more vibrant colors.

By way of ramping up contrast, riders experience depth-defining vision with unmatched perception. So you’ll feel more confident over your dirt bike controls than ever before. Why? Because riders can feel every detail of terrain before commanding past it.

Sharper contrast, better vision and peak color awareness. That’s what these goggles achieve. When you’re ready to elevate your dirt bike gear- you need to start with the 100% Armega Goggle w/Hiper Mirror Lens. You’ll never regret throwing down on them!

Noteworthy to remember is that when it comes to all things dirt bike gear– you need to hit BTO Sports. This certainly includes these great new goggles! Come and see…

Get yours today!

100% Armega Goggle @ BTO Sports

In summation, these Armega Goggles are truly the real deal. Moreover, they’re all right here at BTO Sports- in stock and ready to ship out! We have all of your needed dirt bike parts as well- so this is the only MX stop you need to make! Let our customer service win you over.

Because any way you slice it, these goggles are the future of motocross racing eyewear. So come on over to BTO Sports and get these premier dirt bike accessories for your next race!

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