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100% Armega Goggles – In-Depth Look

100% has a storied history throughout the decades of motocross as one of the premier brands in the industry. For nearly 4 decades they’ve been providing the latest and greatest in MX/BMX wear, and today is no different. Through years of extensive development, testing, and collaboration with some of the top riders in the world, 100% Goggles has created what is considered to be their greatest goggle yet: The Armega.


Our good friends at go in depth on the new 100% Armega

Experience definition and subtlety like never before with the ULTRA HD lens; a category-defining feature providing unrivaled optical clarity in a goggle. Measuring at 2mm thick, the injection-molded lens is both impact rated and shatter resistant, holding up when the debris gets heavy. CNC cut lenses ensures precise fitment calibration. 6-point molded locking tabs ensure maximum lens retention. This feature works in unison with a simple quick-release system, enabling riders to change out lenses with a couple of quick clicks.


The Armega with HiPER Lens Technology

The ULTRA HD lens isn’t the only option for the Armega goggles. 100% takes their already top-of-the-industry goggles and crank it up a notch further. The all-new 100% exclusive HiPER lens are here, and dirt bike goggles may never be the same. Humans see in 3 primary colors: red, green, and blue. Human vision begins to get distorted when these colors overlap with each other. The HiPER lens proprietary features filter out these overlaps, which increases visual contrast. In other words, more contrast=better depth perception, and better depth perception=riding faster. Contrast also adds sharpness to your surroundings. See every last detail of the terrain while riding your dirt bike as you set a new best time!

The lenses combine with a shatterproof, impact resistant polycarbonate frame, adding to overall safety. The Armega has been extensively developed with top riders to create a frame that creates absolutely ZERO optical distortion. The bonded, dual injection frame construction maximizes these goggles’ strength, flexibility, and durability. 100% has also incorporated a next-generation sweat management system that collects sweat, forces it away from the lens and out the sides of the goggle through an integrated channel. The frame features Hi-Flow direct injected intake ports that increase circulation and maximize humidity evacuation, ensuring lens stay entirely fog-free. That’s just the beginning of features that make these some of the comfiest goggles money can buy.


All new sweat funnels

Not one—not two—but three layers of perforated face foam add plenty of cushioning to the Armega. The foam is plush and 3D molded, meaning an optimal ergonomic and comfortable fit. This foam also works in tandem with sweat management, absorbing and distributing out to the integrated drainage channels and increasing overall ventilation and breathability. Contouring compression gasket seal technology keeps the goggles cemented in place, so ride as hard as you can without worry.

The release of the Armega goggle went off!

Still worried? 100% uses an ultra-wide 48 millimeter strap is along with a thick silicon bead. More surface area (aka a wider strap) means greater grip strength. This—along with the compression seal tech—means these goggles aren’t going ANYWHERE. 100% includes a detachable nose guard, adding extra protection/deflection against inevitable roost and debris. Experience the ultimate in both safety and clarity.

The 100% Armega Goggles are a culmination of years of extensive development and testing. Top riders such as Cole Seeley, Cooper Webb, Dean Wilson, and Marvin Musquin all officially wear the Armega. With ULTRA HD and HiPER lenses, 100% is the absolute pinnacle of vision technology in the industry. Between industry-leading lenses, next-generation sweat management, and a secure, plush fit; these just may be the ultimate riding goggles.

Purchase and experience the revolution for yourself, as well as any other gear you might need, over at!   

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