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100% Geico Honda | 2019 Team Apparel Spotlight

100% Geico Honda Team Apparel

New season, new determination

In their own words, the 2019 Geico Honda race team is very confident in the depth of their talent. This inspiring positivity comes just in time for the upcoming Supercross season. Factory Connection Racing created something special in 1998 when they established a determined platform to chase the title. This is still very much the same case today. With the team signing extremely talented riders like Christian Craig, Jeremy Martin, RJ Hampshire, Chase Sexton, and Hunter Lawrence, the lineup is charged with potential. Naturally, a great race team should have great apparel to match. This is where 100% comes to the rescue, providing high-quality jackets, hoodies, pit shirts and others with the official 2019 Geico Honda Team Apparel line.

100% Geico Honda Approach Pit Shirt

Threads of confidence

How many things can you say give you the confidence of when you look good? When you look professional you look the part, and confidence shows. This is the reason why so much work is put into producing high-quality apparel for race teams. If a rider feels great in the pits meeting the fans, chances are they’ll feel great lining up at the starting gate. For the pit crew and mechanics, these ideals provide the same effect, allowing the best possible output through their jobs. It’s for this exact reason why the 100% Geico Honda Approach Pit Shirt is newly redesigned for 2019. Now as a fan, you can share that same feeling of assurance by getting your hands on the actual products the pros wear.

100% Geico Honda Contrail Tees and Zone Tech Tee

Every day representation

Of course, we’re not at the track every day, that would be exhausting. Exciting, but exhausting. Still, we want to show support for who we back during the season. It doesn’t hurt that the casual apparel like the Geico Honda Contrail Tee, Tailhook Hoodie, and Bravo Hoodie are stylish and comfortable. This makes it easy to add your team to the wardrobe with purpose while knowing that Christian Craig and Jeremy Martin are cruising around in the same thing. Along with the casual shirts and hoodies, the new Foxtrot Flexfit and Podium Snapback hats add that perfect accessory when you’re on your way to the track or out during the day.

100% Geico Honda Forxtrot Fexfit and Podium Snapback hats

Take on the elements

We all do the same thing when we go to Supercross. We get ready, head out, and rarely think about the fact that temps could possibly drop to, well, uncomfortable. However, those of us who learned from past mistakes (guilty), know that there are now meaningful options to fight the cold. It’s a downer when you’re excited to wear your new tee but have to cover it up with a warmer option. This is where the 100% cold weather apparel comes into play. With the Aviator Hooded Jacket and the heavy duty Alpha Hooded Jacket, you’ll have both style and function. Now all you have to do is have fun and put your attention on the race, instead of huddling up to keep warm.

100% Geico Honda Alpha Hooded Jacket and Aviator Hooded Jacket

Countdown to the gate drop

This time around, things seem different. A lot of changes in Supercross, both with internal politics and outward marketing. The only things constant, however, are the teams and us. The riders have the commitment to the sport, sponsors, and fans. But with all that the riders do, the fans have their responsibility to the sport just the same. Our job is to show up. It’s to cheer and support. Bench race with others in the stands and continue to grow a community. Our job, is to carry on what makes this whole thing possible, and that’s being enthusiasts. Wearing the insignia of the team you support isn’t just a fashion statement, although it is a good one at that. It’s about bringing new people the next year, and the year after that, into something you love. The 100% Geico Honda Team will be there when the gate drops, will you?

The 2019 100% Geico Honda Race Team
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