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100% Status Helmet | MTB Spotlight


Own the Hill in the 100% Status Helmet.

Behold the mighty 100% Status Helmet, the latest in a long line of tremendous mountain bike and BMX helmets from a company that knows its business. Today we’ll break down what makes these helmets of particular interest to anyone in the market for a superior piece of mountain bike gear. Let’s do this!

The roots of the 100% brand date back to the early 1980’s when the popular logo graced the factory racing equipment of the biggest names in motocross. Today the brand’s popularity grows again in Motocross, as well as mountain bike slopes. In fact, you could argue that they are the premier name in MTB and BMX Riding Gear! All in all, 100% is inspiring a whole new generation of racers.

And the new Status MTB is the end result of a natural progression of quality mountain bike helmets. Furthermore, it comes in a boatload of exciting colors!


From their humble beginnings, 100% has always done a tremendous job of balancing exquisite helmet design with cost-effectiveness for the consumer. It’s this combination that has really ingratiated themselves to the mountain bike crowd at large! To that end, the new Status line continues this fine tradition.

Let’s start this show with some video assistance. This one comes direct from 100% themselves. But equally impressive ‘product spotlights’ can always be found on our BTO Sports YouTube Channel– so stop by soon! Meanwhile, roll film:

The new 100% Status Helmet redefines the standards for what a mid-level full face helmet should be. Incorporating design cues from our championship-winning Aircraft Downhill Helmet w/MIPS, the Status offers elevated performance and comfort at an exceptional value. Discover the premium feel of a new 100% MTB helmet today- it will change your whole perspective on mountain bike helmet comfort. Not to mention performance.

A myriad of cool color options…

100% Status Helmet Features

The Status has a laundry list of modern features to entice the most experienced mountain bike riders. The ventilation of this helmet is enhanced by the Active Cooling System. It does a wondrous job of managing your airflow all ride long. But that’s only the beginning.

100% Status Helmet

  • Ultra-light Design – featuring fiberglass shell.
  • Active Cooling System – maximizes airflow offering maximum ventilation while riding and also while rider is stationary.
  • Padding Washable comfort liner, cheek pads and chin strap covers.
  • Engineered with 2 shell sizes and 2 EPS sizes to achieve the perfect fit.
Colors & Graphics galore. !00% impressive.

Features (Continued)

  • Compatible with inflatable emergency release systems.
  • Padded PU Chinbar Interior for enhanced impact protection.
  •  Adjustable Visor with light-weight screws
  • Weight: 935g (Med Size)
  • Complies with ASTM F2032 and F1952, CPSC, CE, and AS Bicycle Standards.
Bringin’ the heat & steam…

Safety is number one with the Status Helmet, as it is compatible with the inflatable emergency release system. Make no mistake, this is premium MTB and BMX Protective Gear. Moreover, with 2 shell sizes and 2 EPS sizes to choose from, you can achieve the perfect fit. The Status complies with ASTM F2032 and F1952, CPSC, CE, and AS Bicycle Standards.

An adjustable visor is included to aid in keeping glare our of your eyes and to protect your vision from debris. For riders that charge for the win, the 100% Status Helmet is the only helmet for them. Pair with any one of 100% goggles for the ultimate set-up. Know this- the Status helmet is ready.

Get yours… today!

100% Status Helmet @ BTO Sports

In summary, the new 100% Status Helmet is a great option for all you MTB’ers that want both value and performance. And that covers just about all of us, right? What’s more, they are in stock and ready to ship out- right here at BTO Sports. We have all your needed MTB and BMX Bike Parts as well. A complete one-stop shop. So come on by and experience the ‘BTO Difference’ today. You’ll be very glad that you did!

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