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100% Trajecta MTB Helmet | Product Spotlight

Blurring the lines

At first glance, one would think the rider slicing by you on a bike trail was wearing a motocross helmet. A common action people do when they see a fullface MTB helmet is double take to decifer which is which. A trained eye can spot it. But, for a group of us it can be hard to tell the disctinction. This is a great position to be in as a helmet manufacturer. The ultimate feeling of protection on a bike, motor driven or not, is wearing a great fitting, tech-driven full face helmet. Blurring that line between motorsport and pedalsport is where 100 Percent is positioning themselves. Its that same position where they thrive with their new Trajecta Helmet, along side the best manufacturers in the industry.

Game set, match.

Now I’ll admit, up until about a year ago I wouldnt have affiliated 100 percent with the fullface mountain bike helmet market. I think due to good advertsing on part of other brands, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they do the product well. I’ve said this in other spotlights, but I don’t hesitate to reiterate this notion: Technology bloodlines all roll downhill. When tech-heavy ideas from the motocross guys get involved in the mountain bike stuff, it’s a beautiful thing. When that beautiful thing happens to be head protection with safety standards based in motocross-esqe levels, we all win. 

Steep Trajecta-ry

A natural hurdle helmet manufacturers have to clear is setting themselves apart from one another. So how do you do that? You spend the time on the field, doing what you love, taking into consideration every step youve taken in the past. This ensures you do it better, time after time. Eventually, you end up with something that fits correctly, ventilates efficiently, and doesn’t feel like youre carrying a boulder on your head. With an injection molded polycarbonate build made in two actual shell sizes, the fit is found without tribulation. 100 percent also sets the industry standard in ventilation with 24 air ports to keep the rider cool and alert. As with weight, at 860g the Trajecta ends up as one of the best of the pack in terms of lightness.

Do it better.

All the aggressive lines, vibrant colors and weight standards dont mean dirt unless its safe. Afterall, isn’t that the only reason for a helmet? The leaps that these companies have made in impact protection have been phenominal. Additionally, everyone claims to have the latest, greatest recipe. Realistcally all these recent claims dont seem to be wrong, as they are keeping us from injury. But for the 100 percent folks, their stab at the matter seems to be a great idea. With their system coined the Smartshock Rotational Protection System, you can tell the research is there. Instead of a fluid or foam, they’ve implemented a 13 point “suspension” to compress and absorb direct impact. These 13 “shocks” are strategically placed between the helmet liner and shell.

A closer look at 100%’ s “Smartshock” protection system

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

Interesting things to see, these races towards protection tech superiority. In my opinion I say let these guys off the leashes to see what can really be accomplished. In that regard all we would see is higher levels of protection for a lower standard of cost over the next few years. The engineers and designers at 100 percent obviously plan on being at the front of the pack from what they’ve proven as of late. Along with helmets, they’ve become heavyweights in the realm of gloves, but ofcourse a juggernaut in goggles. Come take a closer look at options and colors for the new 100 Percent Trajecta MTB Helmet by visiting us on our site at!

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