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2013 Bell Moto-9 Helmet | Product Review

Product Review of the 2013 Bell Moto-9 Helmet for Motocross


Bell Helmets are known for their safety and being the most comfortable helmets out there for riders.  This is why for 2013, Bell did not have to do much to the Moto-9 helmet.  It is already one of the highest quality helmets out there.  The only addition to the Moto-9 lineup is a full carbon-fiber shell model call the Moto-9 Carbon that shaves off extra weight from the regular Moto-9’s Kevlar/fiberglass/carbon shell.


What makes up the Moto-9 helmet?  Here are a few reasons why the Moto-9 should be your next helmet of choice.


 1. Construction

The Bell Moto-9 is constructed from a pre-impregnated layers of Kevlar/fiberglass/Carbon composites that makes the shell of the helmet very durable and resistant to warping.  This means your head will be safe in the event of a crash.  The Moto-9 is Snell M2010 and DOT certified, so you know it has been thoroughly tested to the highest crash standards.  New for 2013 is the all carbon fiber shell that is still just as resilient to crashes while shaving off weight.  This means there will be less strain on the neck since there is less weight being carried.


 2. Safety

Safety is a big deal when it comes to a down rider.  Moving the head of a downed rider the wrong way to get their helmet off could result in more injury.  The designers atBelltook this into consideration and have incorporated room for the Shock Doctor’s Helmet Eject Removal System that has been mandatory on the pro level for years.  The helmet eject system is a deflated airbag that sits on the crown of the head and pushes the helmet off when inflated.  This avoids tugging of the neck or spine by medical personnel.  While this system doesn’t come with the helmet, the fact it can be implemented with ease is a great addition for riders that utilize this safety feature.

Another innovation from Bell is the use of magnetic cheek pads instead of snaps that also facilitate helmet removal.   Two great safety features that give you piece of mind in the event you need them.


 3. Fit

The Moto-9 doesn’t fit like other helmets.  The fit is a bit smaller than other helmets out on the market.  Make sure you go up a size from your normal helmet size since the Moto-9 runs small.  I usually wear a Large helmet, and I had to go up to an X-Large to fit my head comfortably inside.  The padding inside the helmet is plush and feels great.  It soaks up sweat really well since it is made from a silver woven antimicrobial and antibacterial material that wicks the moisture away quickly. The magnetic release system makes it easy to pull your helmet liner out and throw it in the wash so you can have a fresh new helmet every ride!



 4. Style

The Moto-9’s round look is super clean when you look at it.  It has some chiseled lines built in and the vents are in the correct places to provide maximum airflow in and out of the helmet.  As you slide on the helmet it has a secure feel to it on your head.  It doesn’t wobble around making you feel insecure about it protecting your head while riding.



Overall the Moto-9 is of  high quality and one of the most advanced helmets on the market.  This is our “Go-To” helmet when we go out and hit the track.  The new designs for 2013 are eye catching and look great!  If you are in the market for a new helmet, take a look at the new Moto-9 from Bell Helmets.  You will not be disappointed!



The 2013 Bell Moto-9 is now available at $475.95 for the Kevlar/fiberglass shell and $549.95 for the carbon fiber shell from BTO Sports.  Be sure to get your gear now for the upcoming motocross season so you can hit the track or trails in style!


2013 Bell Moto-9 Emblem Helmets $475.95



2013 Bell Moto-9 Unit Multi Helmet $475.95


2013 Bell Moto-9 Hurricane Helmet $475.95


2013 Bell Moto-9 Carbon Emblem Helmet $549.95


2013 Bell Moto-9 Carbon Hurricane Helmet $549.95




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