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2017 Redbud National

2017 Redbud national race report

REDBUUUUDDDDDDD! All four motos at the 2017 Redbud National were fun to watch. The 250 class had its fair share of excitement, but the 450 second moto was where it was at. Barcia battling Anderson, Anderson battling with Tomac, and Tomac battling with Barcia, it’s safe to say that the second moto of the 450 class was one of the best we have seen yet. Redbud is always a fan favorite of the outdoor races and this year did not disappoint.

250  Motos

In the 250 Class, Jeremy Martin grabbed the holeshot in moto 1 and threw up his “How To:  Win a Moto” video after getting back to the rig. He ran away with it from start to finish, but Osborne was right there. On the opening lap, J-Mart railed the new “horseshoe” section before Laraccos’ Leap and was able to clear the huge triple step-up. This gave him a few extra seconds on Osborne and the rest of the field.

2017 Redbud National
Jeremy Martin put on a clinic in Moto 1 at the 2017 Redbud National (Transworld MX)

All race long the two battled, but Osborne was never able to show a wheel to Martin. Every time Osborne would inch up on him, Martin would pull away. It was great racing from these two for the first moto and gave us insight as to what we could expect from moto 2.  Behind these two, Forkner, Plessinger, and Ferrandis were battling it out for 4th, 5th, and 6th.  Alex Martin Settled in for 2nd with Forkner held onto 4th and Plessinger took 5th.

Moto 2

In moto 2, Jeremy Martin was the first rider into the first turn, but the last rider to exit it. He lost the front wheel and allowed the entire field to pass him. Forkner was behind him and couldn’t dodge Martin’s bike and went down as well.  Fortunately, Jeremy Martin worked his way all the way up to 13th within the first 10 minutes. Alex Martin was the man on a mission as he took the lead and checked out. He had about a 4 second lead on Mitchell Harrison, but just like J-Mart, A-Mart would lose the front end as well and allow Harrison and Osborne by. An unfortunate mistake for Alex Martin because if he held on to first he would have had the overall for the day.

2017 Redbud National
Zach Osborne Grabbed 1st overall…again at the 2017 Redbud National (Transworld MX)

Osborne got Harrison for first and cruised his way to the finish line.  Alex martin lost 7 more points to Osborne and is now sitting 38 points behind Zach Osborne. Although Osborne took the win, other riders chalked up Redbud as a win as they were within the top ten for the first time in a while. Justin Hill ran up front for most of the moto and faded to 5th. The Rookie Chase Sexton was on the gas all moto and was able to get valuable experiencing racing next to points leader Zach Osborne. Luke Renzland finalizes these riders as he finished 6th in moto 2. All three of these riders haven’t been seen up front too much so it was good to see some new numbers running inside the top ten at the 2017 Redbud National.

450 Motos

The 450 motos were the most exciting out of them all. The first 450 moto was a bit hectic off the start as trey canard and another rider got tangled up on the start straight, while Webb , Peick and handfuls of other riders went down in the turn. Webb and Peick got the worst of it and took some time to regain their senses before remounting. Despite their struggles, Christian Craig took full advantage of the situation and ran away with the early lead. He was followed by Musquin, Tomac, and Baggett who eventually left him in the rearview.

2017 Redbud National
Tomac brought out the broom here at Redbud as we swept the weekend with a 1-1 (Transworld MX)

Gallery ImageBagget was the last to get around Craig while Musquin began pulling away from the pack. That didn’t last long though as Tomac would, well, be Tomac and pass Musquin by railing the outside rut. Bagget followed Tomac’s lead and eventually got around the Factory KTM rider, but that’s all he would do for moto 1. Tomac was simply the better, and faster, rider in Moto 1 at the 2017 Redbud National. Although Tomac was faster, Bagget was riding so fast that he was over jumping almost everything. It was impressive to see, but he just couldn’t get the job done.

Moto 2

Moto 2 was even more exciting as Justin Barcia grabbed the early lead. He didn’t just grab the lead and fade back like most riders in this class. Barcia held off Anderson, and Tomac for nearly half of the entire moto before making a mistake in a right hand sweeper. Losing the backend of his RMZ 450 would allow Tomac and Anderson by and eventually gave Tomac the 1-1 Sweep.

2017 Redbud National
Barcia was on rails in moto 2! Looking like the classic Bam Bam we know him as (Transworld MX)

Before all of that, these three battled it out all moto and fans at the 2017 Redbud National erupted. It is always a great crowd out in Buchanan, Michigan and this 2017 July 4th weekend was the same. Great racing from the 450 class, Great Crowds from the Michigan Locals, and great weather made for an epic day of racing. The final decision on the day was Tomac with a 1-1 for first overall, Anderson with a 4-2 for second overall, and Marvin Musquin with 3-3 for third overall.

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