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2017 Washougal National

2017 Washougal National

It was another great day of racing in the northwest! Washougal is one of my favorite races, and this weekend didn’t disappoint. Washougal is always a difficult track for the riders because of all of the dark shadows, but they were no match for the 23 of Aaron Plessinger and Marvin Musquin.  Perfect weather and perfect track conditions made way for amazing racing at round 9 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at the 2017 Washougal National.

2017 Washougal National
A pack of Yamahas blasted lead the field in 250 Moto 1 (PC: Transworld MX)

250 Moto 1

The first moto for the 250 class had near perfect track conditions. Aaron Plessinger made his presence felt as he took an early lead and led every lap. He stated that the track was sloppy in practice which usually means it will be perfect for moto 1, and he was right. Getting a 6 second lead allowed Plessinger to pull away for an unchallenged win in moto 1. Behind him, the days fastest 250 qualifer, Adam Cianciarulo, was putting on a charge to the front. Unfortunately, he was unable to pass KTM’s Sean Cantrell before Plessinger could ride away with the win.

2017 Washougal National
Adam Cianciarulo was your fastest qualifier for the 250s (PC: Transworld MX)

Zach Osborne got a horrific start and was buried deep in the pack, around 20th or so. He had his work cut out for him the entire moto, but a late charge allowed him to finish just inside the top 5 behind Dylan Ferrandis.  Last week’s moto 1 winner, Joey Savatgy, had a challenging first moto. He was riding well, but a hiccup mid moto had dropped him back to around 8-10th place. Savatgy would end up getting 7th in moto 1. The top 3 finishers are as follows: Plessinger, Cianciarulo, and Ferrandis.

Washougal National
Ferrandis takes 3rd in Moto 1 (PC:Transworld MX)

250 Moto 2

Moto 2 was an all-out fight for 1st between RJ Hampshire and Joey Savatgy. Savatgy got the holeshot and early lead, but Hampshire was the one clicking off fast lap and took the lead. The two would battle lap after lap, but Savatgy grabbed a handful of throttle and would push Hampshire wide for the lead. Behind these two, Adam Cianciarulo was riding safely in third place. That is until Osborne and Ferrandis showed up. These two would power past Cianciarulo like a freight train on steroids and leave Cianciarulo off the podium for the day.

Washougal National
RJ Hampshire was on a rocket ship this weekend! (PC: Transworld MX)

Although tied in points, the better moto 2 finishes from Osborne and Ferrandis gave them the overall wins. There was a big point’s loss for Alex Martin though. Unable to race this weekend, Martin lost valuable points in the championship fight against Osborne and his brother Jeremy. Moto 2 would end with Savatgy in 1st, Hampshire in 2nd, and Osborne in 3rd.  The overalls are as follows: Savatgy, Osborne, and Ferrandis.

450 Moto 1

450 moto 1 started with a bang as Marvin Musquin rocketed out of the gate. He was challenged by Justin Bogle and Martin Davalos, but they didn’t last long. Musquin flipped on the afterburners and simple checked out, but he wasn’t in the clear yet. Eli Tomac threw down some blistering fast lap times and was able to reel in Musquin.

Washougal MX
A sick photo of the 450 start PC: Transworld MX

These two provided outstanding racing throughout the remainder of the moto, and Musquin would come out on top. Martin Davalos had an amazing ride in moto 1 with a 4th place finish. It did not come easy though; Davalos fought off every ride except 2, Tomac and Seely, to claim his 4th place victory. Moto 1 would end with Musquin in 1st, Tomac in 2nd, and Seely in 3rd.

Washougal National
Martin Davalos running up front in Washougal ( PC: Transworld MX)

450 Moto 2

Moto 2’s gate dropped and it was Martin Davalos with the holeshot! A fantastic start to an impressive 1st moto, but he had his hands full. Musquin, Bagget, and Tomac had plans of their own and soon got around Davalos. Although Baggett was up front, he couldn’t match the speeds of his competitors and would finish in 4th behind Davalos. Tomac and Musquin were freight trains in moto 2.

Washougal National
Marvin and Eli battled all day, but Marvin would get his 4th straight win at Washougal (PC: Transworld MX)

Tomac and Musquin were on a whole different level than everyone else, but Tomac had trouble getting around Davalos and allowed Musquin to pull away. That was all Musquin need to ride away with his 4th straight win. The final results of moto 2 are as follows: Musquin, Tomac, Davalos, and which made the overalls finish in this order: Musquin, Tomac, Davalos.

-Nick B.



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