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2018 GP & SE Racewear – Troy Lee Designs | Spotlight

The designers at Troy Lee are always taking risks. They push their craft to the absolute brink, just like their fearless riders.  Over the last thirty years, Troy Lee has made a name for themselves making edgy designs for their high-quality gear. TLD helmets and racewear are trusted by some of the fastest racers around the world. The new 2018 GP & SE racewear lines continue the Troy Lee tradition in both quality and performance. Believe me when I say, that The 2018 Moto Collection is one of the best releases of the year!

2018 GP & SE Jerseys

The 2018 Moto collection sports some of the craziest designs we have ever seen from Troy Lee! Some of the most popular designs, like the Polka Dot and the Maze, have been modified for the new 2018 GP & SE apparel. Some new designs are only available in the new models, like the SE Joker and the GP Star. This gear set uses a bright color palette, and will definitely appeal to those who prefer loud designs. However, there are some conservative looks as well, like the tricolor GP Prisma jerseys or the all-black GP Mono jersey. This collection has a wide variety of style to match the diverse taste of TLD riders.

This set is a great compliment to the GP Air and SE Air lines, which are great for riding in hot conditions. The 2018 GP & SE (sans air) feature a bit more insulation so riders can hit the track all year long! This is where the UNLOCK design concept comes into play. For those unfamiliar, this concept allows riders to mix & match jerseys and pants. Hypothetically, a rider could have a GP Air and an SE Jersey that match a single pair of pants. This allows riders to create multiple looks at a fraction of the cost!

2018 GP & SE Pants

The new pants have many of the same great features that made their predecessors such a hit. The inner knees are equipped with cowhide leather panels for some additional protection against heat. It also bolsters this high wear area from gripping with your knees. The rear yoke provides some additional flexibility, as does the crotch. Overall, these pants fit better than past designs. The articulated fit affords riders a more natural range of motion when they’re on their bike.


Troy Lee Designs Gloves received a few new colorways to reflect the new styles. The Air Star Glove was released to coincide with the GP Star Jersey & Pant Combo. The stars are a spin-off of the polka dot designs, with a more patriotic aesthetic. The SE, GP and Air gloves feature a wide palette of colors to choose from. They are also a great way to mix & match Troy Lee Styles!


This secondary release features the full line of youth gear too! Troy Lee has afforded young riders some of the same racewear that they’re idols like to wear. The 2018 Troy Lee youth gear comes in the polka dot and shadow gear sets. Young riders will especially dig the Minecraft inspired Maze Combos. An exciting new addition to the TLD Helmet line is the Youth SE4 Polyacrylite Factory Helmet. For the first time ever, Troy Lee now offers their critically acclaimed helmets for kids!


Make sure to check out the 18MOTO Collection in its entirety, in cased you missed out. Find all the newest racewear right here at!

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