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2018 O’Neal MX Collection | Spotlight


In the early days of off-road racing, it was obvious that riders needed better gear that could endure some wear & tear. Jim O’Neal jumped at the opportunity, and founded his company in 1970. O’Neal has been making high quality motocross gear for almost 50 years, and aren’t about to pump the brakes.  In fact, the 2018 O’Neal MX Gear Collection is one of their best releases yet! This huge gear set is filled with unique designs and innovations that will certainly set the tone for the 2018 season.

2018 O’Neal Helmets

Let’s start from the top, since a helmet is the most important piece of equipment a rider will ever wear.  Fortunately, O’Neal has many different helmets to choose from. They have nearly doubled the number of motocross helmets in their arsenal. The 2018 release features upgrades for four existing lines, as well as one brand new helmet shell design.

2 Series SPYDE Helmet

The first thing riders will notice, is that O’Neal dirt bike helmets are very affordable. The 2018 O’Neal 2 Series SPYDE helmet is available for less than $100! Riders will be hard pressed to find a better helmet at this price point. O’Neal helmets increase in price with each successive series (2 series, 3 series, 5 series etc). The preeminent helmet in their lineup is the new 10 Series Race Carbon, available for only 359.99! The brand new Sierra II dual sport helmets are great for all those adventure riders out there. All the new helmet graphics and colorways complement the new pant & jersey lines, which brings us to…

2018 O’Neal Racewear

The 2018 O’Neal MX Collection has a good mix of both old and new racewear designs. The Element Racewear Jersey makes a return in the 2018 Collection with an all new look. Another fan favorite, the Mayhem Blocker, received two additional colorways to give this dirt bike jersey a bit more variety. In addition to the classics, there are some brand new models like the O’Neal Mayhem Lite Blocker. If riders prefer a ventilated jersey to combat the heat, they will definitely be interested in the Hardware Flow True Jersey.

2018 oneal element racewear combo boots 3 series
2018 O’Neal Element Racewear Combo

Each one of the motocross jerseys pairs perfectly with a pair of O’Neal motocross pants. The pants are chock full of safety & comfort features that make them great for any riding style. Each model, like the Element Attack Pants, features heavy-duty polyester fabric and protective heat shields on the inner knee. Similar to the jerseys, the Hardware Flow True Pants feature the same ventilated material for extra breathability. O’Neal dirt bike pants give riders the most bang for their buck!

 2018 O’Neal Gloves

The new MX collection features a whole grip of gloves that riders can now get their hands on (double hand pun). All the new designs are pretty interesting, like the Mayhem Two-Face Gloves. The left & right hands feature inverse color schemes for a cool effect. Riders looking to make waves should check out the Hawaiian themed Mahalo gloves. The Butch Carbon Fiber Glove gives riders some much needed hand protection, featuring polycarbonate shields on the knuckles.

2018 O’Neal Mayhem Two-Face Gloves

Make sure to look through the entire 2018 O’Neal Lineup for high quality and affordable gear! You can always find the newest dirt bike gear right here at!

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