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2018 Yahama Collection – Troy Lee Designs | Product Spotlight

Troy Lee + Yamaha 2018 Collection

2018 Yamaha Collection by TLD

Yamaha riders were getting pretty jealous that TLD teamed up with Honda last summer, and KTM earlier this year. Apparently, Troy Lee saved the best for last! The 2018 Yamaha collection from Troy Lee Designs may be the best team up they have ever done! This release has everything from protection, to racewear, to casual so you can rep your team both on & off the track.

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite Yamaha collection Helmet
Troy Lee Designs SE4 Composite Yamaha Helmet

Yamaha SE4 Helmets

This collection features two new Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmet designs. The Yamaha SE4 Composite Helmet, priced at $479.00, and the more expensive of the two. This lightweight dirt bike helmet features all the bells and whistles that Troy Lee has to offer. This shell is made from a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass for optimal weight and protection. Ventilation and breathability are no problem with the 20 intake ports and 6 exhaust ports.

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Yamaha Helmet
Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Yamaha Helmet


The Yamaha SE4 Polyacylite Helmet is a great option too, and a bit more affordable at $279.00. The Polyacrylite shell debuted last summer and has become one of Troy Lee’s most popular shells. The Yamaha Polyacrylite is slightly heavier than the Composite model, but still gives you plenty of bang for your buck. This helmet has all of the same great features like the removable liner & cheek pads, 18 intake ports, 6 exhaust vents and EPS foam interior layer. Both motocross helmets are equipped with the MIPS protection system and are DOT certified to keep riders protected.

troy lee designs GP yama RS1 Collection combo
Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 Jersey, Pant Combo



GP Yamaha RS1 Jersey

Pair your brand new TLD SE4 Yamaha Helmet some brand new gear!The Yamaha RS1 Jersey and Pants are the newest addition to the Troy Lee Designs GP Combo lineup.  The dirt bike jersey is constructed out of micro-mesh polyester. In other words, it’s perfect for keeping cool on hot days. All the GP jerseys have been redesigned with a more athletic fit that is more optimal for racing. The Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 Jersey is available for only $49.00!


Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 Collection Jersey
Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 Jersey

GP Yamaha RS1 Pant

Likewise, the 2018 TLD Yamaha RS1 pants are loaded with features too! These motocross pants are constructed out of moisture-wicking polyester that will help keep you cool and fresh. Like the jersey, the pants have undergone a redesign to provide a better fit while in attack position. The pants have a lot of cool features, like the ratchet closure waist and cowhide leather knee panels. It is also constructed with stretch panels in the knees and thighs to allow better flexibility. You can grab a pair of Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 Pants for $119.

Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 collection
Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 Pant

If you’re gonna do it, then do it right. The matching Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 Glove for $32.00. These gloves utilize the same Blue & white colorway as the jersey and pants with a red Yamaha logo across the top. The Yamaha alternate logo is featured on the palm. Get the whole Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 Jersey, Pant Combo for only $168.00!


Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 Gloves
Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha RS1 Gloves

All this new gear can seem overwhelming at times. Fortunately, makes it super easy to stay up to date on all the newest product releases. We feature all the biggest moto brands in the industry, like the Troy Lee Designs 2018 Yamaha Collection!


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