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2019 LS2 Subverter Helmet | Product Spotlight

 LS2  – Their Helmet Game Changer for Motocross Riders

Image of Two riders wearing LS2 subverter helmet

The all-new 2019 LS2 Subverter Helmets are here and looking better than ever. The LS2 MX470 Subverter full-face motocross helmet is changing the game in the world of high-performance MX Helmets. For their 2019 release, LS2 presented 3, all new colorways. Once again, they are nothing short of excellence. This is one helmet that you’re without a doubt going to want to add to your collection.

A Technological Breakthrough

LS2 uses their proprietary  KPA®. KPA stands for Kinetic Polymer Alloy. As a result, this offers an energy absorbing flexibility and penetration resistance which rivals other brands high-end composite helmets. LS2 formulates their KPA with space-age thermoplastics, a blend of polycarbonate, and some additional materials.

Ls2 – Proprietary KPA

They also created a shell that is extremely light in weight. It offers some flexibility to disperse energy in the result of a crash. The shell is offered in 3 sizes for the best and most comfortable size for every rider.

Not to mention this helmet may be one of the most comfortable helmets you have ever put on your head. LS2 uses their 3D Laser Technology to cut multi-density foam. The foam is curved and intended to give a seamless fit to the riders face.

The material is very breathable. It is made from a hypoallergenic technical fabric which is intended to help keep you cool while riding. The entire inner-liner is completely removable and washable. Which provides you with the opportunity to keep them as fresh as the first time you put on the helmet.

Safety is LS2’s Motto

LS2 believes that” it is key to obtain the most perfect fit to your from the outside to inside while choosing a helmet”. That being said, they have incorporated many cool safety features that help keep their helmets unique.

From the configuration of the EPS liner to the reinforced chin strap, every little detail counts. They included a Double D-Ring chin strap system that is still easy to use even while wearing gloves.

LS2  included an exclusive feature they call a Metal Security Plate which reinforces the chin strap to the helmet for extra strength.

Then we take a look inside. The entire EPS liner is built with an Emergency Release System. As a result, this makes the EPS liner stress-free for emergency Responders to remove in a result of a bad crash when it could be crucial to have minimal movement. Simply pull the loops and the pads will carefully slip out of the helmet allowing more room for helmet removal.

The shell is designed to work in conjunction with popular neck braces the riders may use. Additionally, it includes a unique curve to the bottom of the helmet to contribute in protecting the rider’s collarbone.

The helmet is distinctly equipped with 35 ventilation ports built into the shell. The ports are evenly distributed across the helmet allowing consistent airflow to the rider’s entire head. Therefore, it allows the rider to receive maximum ventilation and airflow which will keep the rider extra cool while putting in work behind the bars.

More Colors for 2019

The new LS2 colorways are unique and come in 3 different colorways for you to choose from. The Subverter Blade is one of the new helmets LS2 is showcasing with the 2019 release.

The Blade Helmet comes in 2 classic style patterns, one in red, one and blue. Both colorways have a vibrant chrome finish. Sleek lines accent the helmet are sure to give it a symmetrical look.

Furthermore, the LS2 Subverter Krome Glory Helmet is also part of their 2019 Release and this helmet one screams AMERICA. In Detail, the helmet is draped in Ol’ Glory herself giving this helmet a regal look. Splitting the stars and the stripes across the helmet diagonally giving it an equal amount of awesome.

Image of LS2 Subverter Krome Glory

Be a winner with the Subverter Helmet

All things considered, LS2 has certainly released some of the most rad helmets on the market. Not only do these helmets look awesome, but they truly are constructed with safety in mind. These obviously should end up on everyone’s Christmas list this year. Luckily in your case, we have them all available at BTO Sports. Head on over to now to shop, you will surely find everything you will need. Not only our great helmet selection but Dirtbike Gear and everything in-between.

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