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Pro Circuit & Fox / We Race Together

Fox & Pro Circuit Join Forces… Look Out.

Fox Racing and Pro Circuit are two of the most renowned names in motocross. So when they make a video to announce a joining of forces – it’s an event. In fact, it’s a seismic shift of the power balance in Supercross & Motocross!

Pro Circuit has been fielding the strongest and most consistent race teams on the AMA circuit since 1991- and that makes them a baby when compared to the rich racing history of Fox Racing. In essence, these two juggernauts forming any sort of race partnership is putting decades of racing greatness on the same team.

Just click on the video below to see the announcement, and imagine the possibilities when these two put their combined race knowledge and strengths together… SCARY!

Check it out!

Published on Jan 4, 2016

“We Race” has been Pro Circuit’s mantra for the past four decades. For a long time it has felt as if they were alone in that effort. Since the beginning, Fox and Pro Circuit have been establishing legendary legacies in differing ways: The steel that drives us forward, and the fabric that binds us together. Combined we have a total of 98 pro championships. Today we join two different families, a blending of two unique backgrounds with a single focus that will forever change the course of history. Forging a strong bond through effort and persistence; From this day forward, We Race Together.


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Expect to see plenty of both Fox & Pro Circuit on the Supercross podiums across the nation in 2016! These two companies are big, so you can bet expectations are equally so! And you know where else you can find all things Fox Racing & Pro Circuit??

That’s right – BTO Sports!

Resources: Fox Head, YouTube

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