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Red Bull Hare Scramble 2016

Red Bull Hare Scramble Official Highlights

Erzbergrodeo 2016! The latest running of the Red Bull Hare Scramble lived up to its billing as the most gnarly test of dirt bike endurance. Rider from all over the globe lined up and took on the challenge- and many that started this march did not make it to the finish line.

This track will test both the riders and their bikes equally, as the terrain is both steep and muddy, with all kinds of obstacles littering the way. Only the strong survive, and only the strongest get near the podium of this Hard Enduro madness!

This is awesome:

Erzbergrodeo 2016 – Official Highlights –

Published on May 31, 2016

► Watch Red Bull Hare Scramble 2016 replay

The Red Bull Hare Scramble is the climax of the Erzbergrodeo, and the toughest event on the Hard Enduro calendar. American rider Cody Webb became the first American to grab a podium spot at the Hare Scramble, with a second place in the 2016 Erzbergrodeo. Webb caught Alfredo Gómez at Lazy Noon, the penultimate checkpoint of the 25 stages the riders had to negotiate on the gruelling course. Graham Jarvis took home his third glorious victory, grabbing first place by more than 30 minutes.

If you can’t smell what Graham Jarvis has been cooking on his bike this past weekend- you need to check your Olfactory Senses! This kid rode like a man possessed, and now he reaps the rewards.

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