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6D ATB-1T Evo Trail Helmet | Product Spotlight


Introducing the ATB-1T Evo Trail Helmet w/ODS Technology!

When it’s time to go mountain biking, the right helmet is critical. 6D knows this! So they’re introducing their ATB-1T Evo Trail Helmet. And let us tell you- it delivers the protection you deserve in spades!

Take a look at your next MTB helmet…

First off, this helmet is an engineering masterpiece. Because the ATB-1T is painstakingly crafted. Why? To deliver all of the exceptional benefits of ODS into a more effective protective device. This is state-of-the-art MTB Gear! Furthermore, the ATB-1T reduces angular acceleration transfer. How? By means of the 3-dimensional displacement capability of ODS when subject to impacts.

Furthermore, low-threshold energy accelerations are also dramatically reduced. So it’s truly a more forgiving helmet over a much broader range of energy demands. There is simply no other helmet technology that can offer these combined safety benefits. Make no mistake, these MTB helmets are suitable for all types of cycling use!

Hi-ho, Silver! Away!

Video time! Here’s a bit more about ODS Technology. You won’t believe how ground-breaking this technology is and what it’s doing for rider safety. This turns the ATB-1T Helmet into a true piece of MTB protective gear! Enjoy:

6D’s revolutionary patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) embodies a fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system. The goal was simple; design dirt bike helmets that reduce energy transfer to the brain. And to do so over a much broader range of energy demands. Including LOW, MID, and HIGH-VELOCITY impacts for both LINEAR and ANGULAR ACCELERATIONS.

6D’s suspended dual-liner assembly will displace and shear ‘omni-directionally’ when subjected to impact. This capability provides significantly improved performance against both linear and angular accelerations. And now this tech is available across the whole 6D helmet line.

Get busy livin’.

As we know, the proof is in the pudding. So if you want to truly know about a piece of MTB and BMX Riding Gear, you know to look at the Spec Sheet! With that said, check out the long list of features this helmet possesses. It’s impressive:

ATB-1T Evo Trail Helmet Specs

  • Patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) Technology
  • Polycarbonate Shell
  • Modular ODS Carrier System
  • Get Your Mountain Bike Gloves Around the Fully Replaceable Inner EPS*
  • Also, a Fidlock Magnetic Buckle System
  • Exceptional Flow-Through Ventilation – 15 air scavenging transfer ports for maximum ventilation
  • Especially Relevant is the Adjustable Fitment System
  • Moisture-Wicking / Washable / Anti-Bacterial Comfort Liner
  • Similarly Adjustable / Removable Visor
  • Eye Wear, MTB Sunglasses & Goggle Compatible
  • Exceeds CPSC 16 CFR 1203 and EN 1078 standards.
  • Finally, a 1-Year Ltd Warranty
Sensational colors available w/the ATB-1T Series!

ATB-1T Evo Trail Helmet @ BTO Sports

Clearly, these ATB-1T helmets from 6D do more than pass muster. They’re incredible! What’s more, they’re in stock and ready to ship right here at BTO Sports. Which is also the place for mountain bike footwear, jerseys/pants,  MTB and BMX bicycle parts and the rest of your MTB shopping list. So come on over today!


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