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6D ATS-1 Helmet | Street Spotlight


Conquer the Road in the New 6D ATS-1 Helmet.

There comes a time in every rider’s life when you realize that upgrades are necessary. When better apparel or a better helmet will make all the difference. To that end, the new 6D ATS-1 Helmet will lift your entire riding experience. And there’s list of reasons why! Let’s get into what makes these new helmets from 6D so coveted by today’s riders.

First off, let’s look at a video from the manufacturer, detailing this great new 6D ATS-1 Street Helmet. After all, pictures are worth a thousand words. Great content like this is also available on our renowned BTO Sports YouTube Channel. Enjoy:

6D Didn’t Just Improve the Helmet… They Reinvented It.

In development for nearly 3 years, the ATS-1 is the culmination of the exceptional engineering capabilities of the 6D team. The goal is always to build the safest street helmets in the world. While providing the rider with features and benefits superior to those found in the most premium helmets in the market. To that end, the ATS-1 far exceeds these goals with its exceptional energy management capabilities. Not to mention quality build level and luxurious comfort and fit.

In essence, every detail of this helmet is painstakingly engineered from scratch to meet the design and performance specifications demanded by 6D. As a result, these motorcycle helmets are aerodynamic, sleek, and functional with exceptionally strong design and aesthetic appeal.

6D Revolutionized helmets when they came out with their off-road line of dirt bike helmets featuring the ODS technology. If you are not familiar with the 6D off-road helmet, the ODS system broke new ground in brain protection by working to isolate both angular acceleration energy and low-threshold energy transfer from the brain during impact.

And now that tech is in their street helmets. And that certainly includes the 6D ATS-1 Helmet. So let’s get into the features of these great new helmets. You’re going to want to get your street gloves on one by the time we’re done!

6D ATS-1 Helmet Features

Make no mistake, this helmet has the bold graphics and sleek lines and contours of the most modern helmets on the market. But do not let its suave good looks fool you. These helmets provide premium motorcycle protection! Feel free to peruse this laundry list of features outlining the safety specs of these outstanding 6D ATS-1 street helmets:

  • 3K Carbon Fiber construction shell provides a lightweight, high strength shell designed to absorb kinetic energy in unison with the ODS technology.
  • Outer-EPS liner integrates with the patented load-distribution damper cups which support the ODS technology
  • ODS – Omni directional suspension, the heart and soul of 6D’s technology, provide 3 dimensional displacement capacity to the inner liner relative to the outer liner and shell upon impact
  • Inner EPS liner, the first layer of Advanced Impact defense, provides exceptional fit and comfort while integrating the over-molded load distribution cups which support the ODS technology
  • 3 Shell Sizes & Large viewport to accommodate any motorcycle eyewear
  • Adjustable Crown Intake, Adjustable Brow Intake and Aerodynamic rear wing transfers heat from front to back
  • Eyewear Compatible, comfort liner accommodates most designs of glasses
  • Integrated Internal Speaker pockets
  • Pinlock 100% Max Vision Shield System
  • US DOT, ECE 22.05, AS1698 and ACU (UK) standards

In the past, the traditional street apparel / helmets always had a crushable foam EPS liner to protect the riders head in a crash. 6D Engineers realized the solution to cushioning two different degrees of impact was to use two EPS foam liners instead of one. Once liner was soft enough to reduce G-Loads in small crashes and a second liner, more stiff liner to withstand the harder blows.

But the technology doesn’t stop there! Additionally, they separated the two foam liners with 27 hourglass-shaped eastomer dampers that space the two liners. These protective motorcycle accessories can move three-dimensionally to absorb not only direct blows but multi directional energy.

6D ATS-1 Helmet @ BTO Sports

In summary, the grandeur of the new 6D ATS-1 Helmet cannot be overstated! Especially relevant are the modern refinements to go along with its rogue protective properties. What’s more, they’re right here at BTO Sports. In stock and ready to ship to your door. Grab one with your next round of motorcycle parts! We’ll make sure they all get to you fast, in tact and at the lowest possible prices. Come by today!

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