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A Sneak Peek Inside a Team BTO Sports Mechanic’s Toolbox


motocross tools infographic

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Nate Alexander knows MX bikes inside and out. Nate is the lead mechanic for Team BTO Sports rider Andrew Short, so he needs a full assortment of tools to tackle any task. But which ones are absolutely essential? Here are Nate’s top 10 go-to, gotta-have, don’t-leave-the-garage-without-‘em tools:

Flush cut pliers: this tool makes quick work for wire cutting and some minor MX body modifications.

Spring puller: when Nate needs to remove or tweak a pipe spring, this does the trick every time.

Extended 12mm wrench: Andrew’s KTM bike has some hard-to-access bolts, but the extended 12mm reaches pretty much anywhere.

Wide flathead screwdriver: from routine jobs to complex projects, every mechanic needs this classic do-it-all accessory.

Nut driver: just try to fix a KTM bike (or any other dirtbike, for that matter) without a nut driver. Best of luck with those hand cramps, pal. Nut drivers are very convenient when working on a dirtbike.

Exacto knife: from decal touch-ups to other odds and ends, you gotta have an Exacto in your toolbox.

Chain breaker: Motocross tracks are rough on chains. Riders like Andrew Short go through plenty over the course of a racing season. Nate keeps a chain breaker on deck for when Andrew needs a new chain cut to length.

Metric ruler: KTM is a European bike, so it helps to keep a metric ruler in your back pocket.

Shallow sockets: deep wells are great for spark plugs and the like, but shallow sockets provide go-anywhere versatility, thanks to a slender, low-profile design.

Techangle torque wrench: Nate prefers this popular tool from Snap-On. MX bikes require precise torque, and Techangle delivers with an easy-to-read LCD screen, LED lights and an audible beep when correct torque is achieved.

Which motocross tools and accessories can you not live without? Share your own must haves in the comments!

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