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Aaron Gwin Puts On MTB Clinic in Windham

When you’re talking about Aaron Gwin and MTB, the superlatives usually start to flow. This past weekend would be no exception, as Gwin put his complete MTB arsenal on full display. This man is an absolute treat to watch motor down a hill…



It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but with Aaron Gwin, the hyperbole is entirely justified. Watch him ride the ragged edge of reason from top to bottom in Windham – give this man a short, dusty, and rock-strewn MTB course at your peril!




Here’s more footage!


Windham 2015 was wild. The bone-dry track took its fair share of prisoners but also produced spectacular racing, with stand-out runs from Rachel Atherton and Aaron Gwin. Loris Vergier showed us what the future of downhill could be like, while there was the return to form of the 2013 World Cup champion Stevie Smith. And as always, the Parkin Bros were there to capture it all!





Credit: YouTube


Chris Leahy
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