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Adventure Motorcycle Rides | Arizona’s

Adventure Ride Guide Arizona

Adventure Motorcycle Rides | Arizona 

These adventure motorcycle rides may not cater to your geographical location, they are ones that can make for one hell of an adventure! Take traveling through Arizona via two-wheels to a whole new level with these motorcycle rides.  Don’t forget to check out our new line of adventure gear to make your ride more enjoyable! We have everything from Adventure Jackets, Adventure Helmets, and Adventure boots for men and women!

I will be posting adventure motorcycle rides in various states across the United States, so if I do not get motorcycle rides in or near your home just hold tight because I will get to you eventually. Now, here comes the fun part. If you, the rider, find these rides to be helpful, fun, or want to share your favorite ride. You have the option of commenting on the blog or social media and I will feature your favorite ride here in one of these blogs! You can find us on Facebook (@btosports), Instagram (@btosports), Twitter(@bto_sports), and Snapchat(btosports). Comment “Adventure Rides: (your favorite ride)” and see if your hometown ride makes it onto our list!

The Map

Now, back to the main objective here…Getting people out of the house and on the bike! This map of Arizona lists a few rides and what to expect on your ride. You may hover your mouse over the map and pin points will pop up with a brief description of the ride in regards to the road, the scenery, and what to expect. I get into more detail of the rides as you read on.

I have identified the roads/rides that I believe would be most fun based on: difficulty, scenery, length, and location.  These adventure motorcycle rides that I have listed in Arizona are some of the most sought after rides in the state, and people have rated them as some of the best ever. Obviously finding the perfect ride for EVERYONE is almost impossible because of personal preference, but listing some that everyone should take into consideration to expand their horizons is fairly simple.

Adventure Motorcycle Rides | Flagstaff 

Starting with the one that I know best, thanks to my pops, is the ride that takes you through the beautiful area of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff! Flagstaff is filled with forests of Ponderosa pines, rivers, lakes and beautiful mountain ranges. Temperature values vary depending on the type of year you plan on visiting this breathtaking area, but the most optimal time would be between the months of late April through early August (if you want to dodge the snow and rain).  Check out some of the adventure jackets  that are suitable for riding during this time and the winter riding jackets we have here as well.

Arizona Adventure Rides
Flagstaff Arizona

Getting To Flag Staff

I am located in California, so the ride that I have listed starts in and makes its way through Arizona. This one isn’t necessarily about the entirety of the ride is self, but the destination and beautiful backdrops you will experience as you get closure to Arizona. There are multiple ways to get there from California: the 10 to Phoenix and up to the 17, the 40 through needles along the Colorado River (maybe stop in Laughlin, Nevada and hit the Poker tables for a night), or if you are lower in Cali (San Diego area) take the 8 through Yuma and the Fortuna Foothills to the 85 and up to the 10. Whichever route you decide to take, I guarantee you will be boasting to your friends about how much fun you had on your trip to Flagstaff.

Arizona adventure rides
Laughlin, Nevada – A view from the Colorado River  (

The 10 is a straight shot to Phoenix from the Los Angeles area. As you cross the border, you can hop on the 60 towards the 71 and the 93 if you want hit the backroads and dodge the city traffic through the outskirts of Phoenix. From there the 71 will transition into the 89 which will lead you through the Prescott National Forest.  The windy mountain roads will make traveling across the flatlands worth it.  Swing by Watson Lake and start heading east on 89A towards Sedona. When in doubt, head towards the mountains; you will find yourself in Flagstaff soon enough! You may want a lightweight jacket for these rides; check out these lightweight riding jackets!

Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona (unknown source)

The 40 is an option if you are coming from LA or central Cali that will lead you through Needles, Lake Havasu, and if you’re feeling lucky Laughlin, Nevada.  There are multiple ways to reach flagstaff, and this is a fairly easy way that has multiple places to stop along the way…well sort of. The adventure ride through the desert may be a long one, a bit boring at first, but once you reach Arizona and make your way towards the Kaibab National Forest.

Must See Places

Some of the places to Visit once you are in Flagstaff consist of the following: The Lowell Observatory, Walnut Canyon National Monument, the Riordan Mansion, Meteor Crater, the San Francisco Peaks, and of course the Wupatki National Monument. The San Francisco Peaks, Wupatki National Monument, and Walnut Canyon are located outside of Flagstaff and will offer you a nice day-ride to see these spectacular geographic locations.

Wupatki National Monument
Wupatki National Monument

Adventure Motorcycle Rides | Coronado Trail

Looking for an adventure ride that is considered to be the best ride in Arizona? The Coronado Trail is what you have been seeking! This ride is a 120 mile (roughly) venture that twists, drops, and slows down to speeds in the single digits. It slows not because of traffic, it slows because you will simply not make the turns and be able to everything it has to offer if you go any faster. This narrow ride has been feared by many, yet loved by even more. No guardrails give it a scary feeling while the scenic backdrop gives you a sense of comfort and fulfilment.  Make sure you have some nice, tacky motorcycle tires to show this snake of a canyon who’s boss.  US 191, the Coronado Trail, will bring you into Eagar and Springerville or Clifton and Morenci, depending on which way you are traveling.

Coronado Trail
Coronado Trail is one gnarly ride!

Unlike the adventure motorcycle ride in Flagstaff, you will not be surrounded by a city, an abundance of amenities, and endless opportunities to do tourist activities. What you will be surrounded by is the beautiful scenery that Eastern Arizona has to offer. From mountain tops and valleys to wildlife and luscious forests, this ride will be one that can never be forgotten.

What To Expect On The Coronado Trail

Elevation changes and switchbacks is the name of the game, so if you are not ready to tear up the backcountry roads I’ll see you when I get home. Once again, make sure you have some good tires like these Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, and Dunlop  motorcycle tires. If you plan on going in the wet weather season, the Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT tires are a perfect option.

This adventure motorcycle ride is by far one of the best for various reason and all you need to do to experience it is get out and ride. Little fun fact, it has been stated that back in 1540 that Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, a Spanish Explorer, traveled this way as he looked for the Seven Cities of Cibola.

Coronado Trail Road
Winter is a beautiful time to travel through here, but some sections of the road may be closed!

On your adventure motorcycle ride, you will be traveling through the Sipe White Mountain Wildlife Area which has an abundance of Elk, Golden Eagles, and Ospreys. They tend to hangout around a place called Aspen, as the spruce-fir forests make great safe-havens for them. Unfortunately, not too from Aspen is a horrific sight of the Wallow Forest Fire; 550,000 thousand acres dissipated by careless antics of terrible people. Although this is one of the views on the ride, life grows in strange places and it is regenerating itself slowly but surely. Then again, the Coronado Trail isn’t called the #1 ride for no reason! Check out these adventure/ dual sport gloves for the ultimate hand protection.

There is loads of history on this trail, especially in Hannagan Meadow. Google it! This place is your last time for gas before going south so make sure you fuel up and before leaving. I would get more into this beautiful ride, but I don’t want to ruin it for Ya!

Adventure Motorcycle Rides | Mt Lemmon Loop

MT Lemmon Loop
MT Lemmon offers beautiful views as you summit the Santa Catalina Mountains!

Awarded Second place for “Best Rides” in Arizona is the Mt Lemmon Loop. The long, wide open turns and vast mountain ranges will have you wanting more after ever bend, and that is exactly what you will get! This adventure motorcycle ride is fairly easy to hit for most Tucson natives, but anyone riding through is able to hit this as well.

It is just far enough out of the city for people to get a nice day ride in on a Sunday afternoon, yet close enough so travelers can make time on their timeless journey to ride through the mountains of Willow Canyon. The Canyon is beautiful and will send you through miles of twisties, switchbacks, and scenic clifftops. On your way up, and at the top, you have the option of exploring by foot so make sure you have the right adventure boots to make it possible!

It is a popular spot for many individuals in the area and others passing through, but you shouldn’t have too much traffic.  ALSO, for those seeking the thrills of hitting the dirt roads on their adventure bikes, you can set your compass to the north (backside) of Mt. Lemmon. You can reach it by starting out near Oracle, Arizona and make your way up to other summits from there. There are multiple dirt roads to take so make sure you remember your way home!

Getting to Mt. Lemmon Loop

You can get to the mountains on various streets, but the easiest way and the straight shot is to take S Houghton Road from the 10 freeway. This road will take you straight to E Catalina Highway and from there you’ll head east to the mountains. This way is fairly simple and easy to reach so you should have no problems getting to Mt Lemmon Loop.

MT Lemmon
MT Lemmon Loop is one for the record books!

This mountain loop has a summit elevation level of just over 9,000 feet and is the highest you will get in the Santa Catalina Mountains. This is a beautiful place to get away from the stressful encounters of city life and is perfect for kicking back and relaxing. There is an observatory located at the summit which used to be the site for the US Air Force radar base to track the landing of the Space Shuttle. Just a fun little fact!

Well, that wraps up this piece for rides in Arizona. I know there wasn’t rides that cater to the off-road adventure rider, but they are fairly hard to find. I will improve my efforts and strive to bring you guys the best of both worlds. As I mentioned before, comment on this blog or other BTO Sports social medias and tag us in your favorite adventure ride!

-Nick B.

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