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Afton Vectal Clipless Shoes | MTB


Afton Vectal Clipless Shoes Make MTB Easier.

The new Afton Vectal Clipless Shoes bring together the style of an everyday walking shoe with the necessary tech and features of modern MTB footwear. You won’t believe how good these shoes feel! And you really won’t believe how well they perform on the bike.

The design of this Mountain Bike and BMX Footwear gives maximum traction while being locked in. Because the Vectal uses Afton’s proprietary rubber blend to grip you to the pedals. Which leaves pedal control to you!

Total comfort on the mountain. Who thought it possible?

Furthermore, the reinforced toe box allows you to worry about the terrain instead of your toes as you charge down the hill. The Vectal is fitted with a mono-directional interior shank. And this turns these shoes into top-drawer MTB Protective Gear! Not only does this help in efficient power transfer but also supports your foot during hard impacts.

In essence, staying in control and looking good on the trails is easier than ever! Just add the Afton Vectal Clipless Shoes.

Sleek & Streamlined…

Afton Vectal Clipless Shoes Features

  • These Shoes Boast an Improved & Accurate Fit.
  • Afton’s second generation Intact® rubber is more resilient & less susceptible to tears while keeping our Shore A of 60.
  • Oversized Clip Box & 35mm of Clip Travel Allows All Kinds of Clip Configurations. Without Restriction When Clipping In & Out.
  • Thickness Ranging from 4mm to 12mm, the Shank is Specifically Designed to Transfer Power into the MTB Pedals. Yet Allow You to Walk as Normal as Possible.
  • Reinforced Toe Box! Additionally, Protective PU Taping Protects Your Toes & Shoes from Rock Deflections & Impacts.
  • Anti-Microbial Molded Foam Insole Controls Sweat & Odor, Not Unlike the Liners of MTB Helmets. Also, It Provides Proper Heel & Arch Support. It does not break down use after use.
Come on over to BTO Sports and pick these up!

Afton Vectal Clipless Shoes @ BTO Sports

In summary, these Vectal Clipless shoes are an exciting new footwear option for all of you mountain bike fanatics. Moreover, we have them in stock and ready to ship right here at BTO Sports. So next time you’re here buying up your MTB bike parts, or updating your MTB and BMX riding gear– add these Afton shoes to the cart!

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