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The All-New Fox Racing V3 Helmet


This Is Not Your Daddy’s Fox Racing V3 Helmet…

Fox Racing is always innovating and improving their line of motocross products. And for 2019, they are re-introducing their new and improved Fox Racing V3 Solids Helmet! Never resting on their laurels, their Fox Racing V3 Helmet series gets a comprehensive overhaul. Let’s check it out!

First, let’s hype this up with some new video. Direct from Fox Racing themselves, this vid ought to whet your appetite for the all-new V3’s! Great content like this can also be found on our very own BTO Sports YouTube Channel. Meanwhile, check this out:

Introducing the all-new Fox Racing V3 Helmet, the most complete approach to safety and performance. This is the most technologically advanced moto helmet we have ever offered. It builds off its championship-winning heritage with a new highly ventilated design and a systematic approach to managing linear and rotational impacts. The tech-rich update includes an arsenal of revolutionary features including Fluid Inside® and Fox’s proprietary MVRS. Worn and refined by the fastest racers on the planet, the V3 is made for motocross champions.


To say that the all-new Fox Racing V3 Helmet is premier motocross protective gear would be gross understatement. Because it’s been completely stripped down and re-imagined. As a result, Fox Racing has now made the ultimate dirt bike helmet in its class. And check out the Carbon/Black version (pictured below), which just looks stupendous out on the track!

Ryan Dungey knows high-speed dirt.

Fluid Brain Science…

The Fox Racing V3 Solids Helmet sports a host of revolutionary new safety features. Not the least of which is “Fluid Inside” technology. This maximum protection against impacts will have you feeling mighty confident over those dirt bike controls!

This Carbon/Black version is just killer…

To better explain what this tech achieves- we have the text below from the company themselves:

To mitigate brain injuries, all types of rotational and linear acceleration forces need to be managed independently and simultaneously. Important variables to assess include the shape and duration of the acceleration curves, as well as stresses and strains on the brain tissue. Each Fluid Inside™ integration is composed of a matrix of Pods arranged inside the helmet and optimally tuned to meet the needs of each sport-specific helmet application.

In essence, this is the most reliable impact protection system to date! Based on extensive scientific research, Fluid Inside is engineered to enhance your helmet’s ability to protect your brain by mimicking Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) – your body’s natural protection.

The video above gives great detail in what goes on during a crash in terms of head trauma. And also gives great insight as to what this new “Fluid Inside” technology does to mitigate the damage. Awesome stuff.

But there’s plenty more features where that came from… you’ll see!

The G.O.A.T. – makin’ things happen in the all-new, white/silver V3…

Fox Racing V3 Helmet Features

Make no mistake, these dirt bike helmets bring a truck-load to the table! We’re talking bells & whistles galore. Especially relevant is that this is the first helmet with two rotational management systems: Fluid Inside™ and MVRS ™. And there’s more. Much, much more…

• All new Fluid Inside™ helps dissipate rotational and linear energy transmitted to the rider’s brain in the event of a crash

• Second Generation Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) ™. Redesigned with more roost resistance and refined release control to help mitigate external rotational forces

• Dual density Varizorb™ EPS liner provides improved protection by spreading the forces of impact across a wider surface area

• Removable, washable X-Static® comfort liner and cheek pads are antimicrobial and manage odor while wicking moisture away from the head

Additional Features

• Patent-pending chin bar/eye port CAGE ™ intends to improve energy management in the event of an impact

• MCT (Multi Composite Technology) Shell construction that blends Carbon and FRP resins to provide a light yet rigid external shell

• 4 shell and EPS sizes for best in class fit

• Injected Mesh vent screens provide superior ventilation and airflow, while maintaining protection from dirt and debris

• Meets or exceeds DOT and/or ECE 22.05 standards V

The White/Silver version really pops. You gotta see it!

V3 Solids Helmet = Fluid Pod Matrix

Fluid® incorporates a matrix of pods oriented around the head and attached to the helmet interior. By precisely decoupling or “floating” the helmet on the head, each Fluid pod matrix acts like CSF to manage linear and rotational forces acting on soft brain tissue.

At the moment of impact, the foam compresses to provide added low linear impact protection. Simultaneously, low shear fluid is dispersed  throughout the pod creating a low shear plane that permits motion of the helmet relative to the head to provide rotational force protection.

So you are as protected as one can be in the event of a fall off the bike. And as we all know too well, if you strap up the motocross boots and ride long enough, you can expect a fall eventually! In that regard, having the best line of defense possible is just good business right?

Furthermore, the look of these helmets is about as clean and stylish as it gets. The White/Silver and Carbon/Black color options pair superbly with any motocross gear combos you have in the closet! Just look at Chad Reed below. Soaring through the air and looking fresh as donuts. These V3’s rock, people!

Reedy! Airborn as usual in the new V3…

Fox Racing 2019 is ‘Off Da Chain’!

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Clearly, if you’ve done your share of closeout helmets and “Bargain Bin Diving”, then you’ve more than earned a helmet of this caliber. Stop the cycle of uncomfortable ride days and grab one of these new Fox Racing V3 Solids Helmets. You’ll never look back!

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Fox Racing V3 Helmet @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, the all-new Fox Racing V3 Solids Helmet is an absolute triumph. Moreover, the design involves painstaking care down to the last detail. And they’re right here at BTO Sports. Come check them out today. Put one in the cart! Along with all of the dirt bike parts you need to get that bike humming again. We’re here to help you out. Our customer service will exceed your high expectations… it’s what we do!

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