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Alpinestars 2014 BNS Pro Neck Brace and BNS Tech Carbon Neck Brace | Product Spotlight

Alpinestars BNS Neck Brace


Alpinestars has well been well known in the motocross industry as a leader in protection and innovation.  Take a stroll through the pits at any event and you will likely see riders sporting Alpinestars all over the place, whether it be motocross boots, neck braces, or other forms of protection.  For 2014, Alpinestars unveiled two updated versions of their already popular BNS neck brace: the BNS Pro Neck Brace and BNS Tech Carbon Neck Brace.  Let’s take a look at both of these braces!


The Alpinestars BNS Pro Neck Brace has received numerous updates for 2014…


One of the biggest changes to this neck brace is the simplified sizing system.  Before, this neck brace came in five different sizes whereas now it comes in just two: XS-M and L-2X.  Each brace comes with numerous different sizing parts to ensure that perfect fit around your neck.  Another innovative feature to the new brace is the magnetic closure system.  Gone are the hinges and screws that could sometimes be difficult to close – now a simple magnetic closure system that can be easily operated with one finger.


The new Alpinestars BNS Neck brace on the left in comparison to the old one on the right.


In comparison to the old brace, the new brace is a little wider in the shoulder area and the tail is a bit shorter and flatter – this creates a better contact with the helmet and the body thus dispersing the load more evenly of any impact that might occur.  Weight savings has also been reduced by 20% across the board due to the award winning sculpted design. The parts are all replaceable and the pads are interchangeable to ensure the best fit possible.


The Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon Neck Brace


The functionality and design of both of these neck braces are the same – the difference is in the construction. The BNS Pro Neck Brace is constructed of lightweight fiberglass polymer material whereas the BNS Tech Carbon brace is comprised mainly out of carbon fiber further reducing the weight of this neck brace compared to the Pro version.  Both of these neck braces are extremely lightweight and can help reduce neck and spinal injury when used properly.




Advanced, high-performance fiberglass polymer compound

-Structural integrity and frame strength against heavy impact energies during crash

-Lightweight performance and comfort while riding

-Resilience to low temperatures


A highly customizable, secure and personalized fit

SAS (size adapter system) for a versatile fitment in size ranges XS-M and L-XL.

-Lycra-laminated foam padding kits: adaptable and interchangeable EVA foam pads allow which also aid compatibility with other body protection systems

-Strap System: Allows a small, light strap worn over or under the jersey.


Bio-organic engineering design for superb ergonomics

-Rear stabilizer promotes PFR (Progressive Force Relief) and dissipates extreme energy loads by transmitting them across the back and shoulders and away from the spine (thoracic vertebrae) , and is connected to the frames via a pivot key for convenient dismantling.

-Frame construction promotes improved contact with helmet during impact and instantaneous load channeling – including rear support edge that fits closer to the body, extra width to account for different helmet sizes and raised chest to avoid hyper-flexion injuries.

-Innovative quick-release locking closure system for rapid and efficient fitting/removal offers highly secure and convenient attachment.

-Compressed EVA foam compound padding to distribute the impact force over the widest area, yet remain lightweight.


To order your 2014 Alpinestars BNS Pro or BNS Tech Carbon neck brace, click here


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