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Alpinestars A1 Plus Chest Protector | Warehouse Review

Alpinestars A1 Plus Review

Protect Yourself with the A1 Plus

Safety gear such as chest protectors has changed over the years. Gone are the days of looking like modified football pads as the latest designs are more streamlined while offering just as much protection from roost and flying debris. Alpinestars has been at the forefront of safety and their latest chest protector, the A1 Plus is another innovative piece of motocross gear that will not only keep you safe but will not hinder your riding.


An ultra-lightweight protective system that offers the excellent upper body protection against roost and impacts. The protector utilizes front and rear hard shell plates supplemented with bio-foam padding, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit. Adjustable elastic closure system allows for quick and easy on-and-off and is fully compatible with Alpinestars Bionic Neck Supports.

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Protector Features:

  • Extended padding to offer more protection against tire roost without obstructing arm movement
  • Removable shoulder pads and back protector for high levels of customization
  • Stone shield and back protectors constructed from high-performance polymeric blend for optimized flexibility and weight-saving
  • Perforated plastic shells for maximum breathability and ventilation
  • Adjustable elastic closure system features newly designed, easy-to-use buckles that fit a broad range of body sizes
  • Thermoformed padded chassis for optimized levels of comfort and a close-to-body fit
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for optimal fit
  • Bionic Neck Support compatibility
  • Silicon BNS pull tabs for easy and safe engagement of the BNS
  • Integrated Y-strap system for modular use of the back protector with fast and convenient mounting
  • CE-certified back protector

Protect Yourself

When it comes to a lightweight, non-obtrusive chest protector that can be worn under your jersey, the Alpienstars A1 Plus is at the top of our list. From the sleek design to the CE certification, don’t go into battle with out this top of the line protector. Available now at, the A1 is a winner in our book!

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