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Alpinestars MTB | Spring ’18

Alpinestars MTB Keeps the Hits Coming

  • Crest 3/4 Sleeve Jersey
  • Trailstar Jersey
  • Lunar SS Jersey
  • Drop 2 LS Jersey
  • Drop 2 Shorts
  • Hyperlight 2 Shorts

As they continue to dominate the world of motocross boots, Alpinestars MTB is also well known around town. Be it mountain biking or otherwise, A-Stars has you covered from head to toe! And the new Alpinestars Spring ’18 MTB Gear is something to behold!

If MTB or BMX is your thing, then you know the importance of quality gear. We’re talking dependable and comfortable mountain biking apparel and BMX gear! Moreover, we’re talking both men’s and MTB Women’s Riding Gear. Alpinestars Cycling jerseys and mountain biking gear is designed for the tough elements of the trail and the open road. Furthermore, their cycling products can move with you and provide the protection you must have. And we have it here at BTO Sports!

Let’s take a look at some of this awesome MTB riding gear and get you ready for your next off-road adventure!


Alpinestars MTB SP18 Jerseys

With any form of riding on two wheels, the construction of the mountain bike jersey is critical. The jersey has to have the comfort and tech to make riding easier. But it also has to pair with MTB Base Layers and stand up to the rigors of the terrain being traversed. And the engineers in the Alpinestars Cycling division know this better than anyone.

Put simply, these are formidable performance riding garments incorporating a short sleeve design for riding in warmer conditions. Add to that striking graphic patterning and strategically positioned mesh panels for color and comfort. You will not believe the look and feel of these mountain bike jerseys from Alpinestars Cycling.

Crest 3/4 Sleeve Jersey

Make no mistake, the Crest 3/4 Sleeve Jersey is very modern MTB garment. Especially relevant is the low, open-collar design. It features a lightweight advanced poly-fabric main shell. To be sure, the Crest 3/4 Sleeve Jersey offers high levels of riding comfort.

Convenience features include a handy terry cloth wipe patch and a headphone conduit (Mobile Audio Soundtrack for the ride!) helping you to enjoy your riding experience to the full. If you want the best- grab for the Crest…

Trailstar Jersey

With a lightweight, advanced poly-fabric main shell the A-Stars Trailstar Jersey is quick-drying and moisture-wicking! While offering comfort and convenience with a low open collar and elongated back profile. This is a tremendous option for mountain bike riders.

The Alpinestars’ logo is prominently displayed on chest and back, and there are extensive stretch mesh inserts on side of jersey. Add some MTB Hydration, and you have the coolest combination around.

Lunar SS Jersey

Behold the Alpinestars  Lunar SS Jersey. It’s sleek racing fit is ideal for performance riding. Furthermore, the Lunar Jersey is optimal for warm-weather riding!

An ultra-light and breathable poly-fabric main shell with mesh inserts for enhanced ventilation, this jersey includes a convenient zippered rear pocket for safe storage and easy access while riding.

Drop 2 LS Jersey

Designed for the tough demands of Enduro, Alpinestars Drop 2 Long Sleeve Jersey features extended mesh inserts for enhanced ventilation and reflective detailing for improved visibility.

Furthermore, an MP3 compartment and headphone hook means you can listen to your favorite tunes while you ride. Add one of these to the rest of your MTB riding gear

Which brings us to the shorts!

Alpinestars MTB SP18 Shorts

Ask anyone who’s spent the day on the bike with just their ordinary walking shorts on- it gets miserable quickly! The need for quality MTB shorts becomes apparent early in the day. Even Youth MTB Shorts are essential to keep everyone in the herd happy. To be sure, Alpinestars Cycling knows how to stitch up premium mountain biking shorts!

Drop 2 MTB Shorts

Simply put, the Alpinestars Drop 2 Short is constructed for superb comfort. And also optimize riding performance over long distances. How? Front air inlets are zippered to ensure riders remain cool while their rip-stop reinforcements provide high levels of durability.

These amazing mountain bike shorts feature a seamless elasticized seat area. Talk about comfortable! Also of note is the crotch chamois padding… critical on those all-day rides.

Hyperlight 2 Shorts

These great MTB shorts feature multi-panel construction with a seamless seat area. These give the lightweight Alpinestars Hyperlight 2 Short enhanced riding comfort on short and long mountain rides.

Also, side waist adjustments combined with a snap front closure offer a highly personalized and secure fit. While double seams add strength and durability. Atop your MTB saddle, you’ll never feel more secure.

Alpinestars Cycling Gear @ BTO Sports

Take on the trails with Alpinestars MTB and BMX apparel. It’s no secret that finding the off-road apparel that’s right for you is sometimes hard to find. BTO Sports has a wide variety of  Alpinestars Cycling apparel in a variety of styles and colors. Additionally, they’re all of the highest quality and beat the heck out of closeout MTB gear. Look at our inventory of affordable Alpinestars MTB jerseys and BMX apparel today!

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