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Alpinestars Supertech S-M8 Radium Helmet

The Supertech S-M8 Radium Helmet Redefines Motocross Helmet Performance.

Ready to take your helmet game to the next level? Alpinestars is a leader in helmet innovation, and the latest prime example of this fact is the glorious Supertech S-M8 Radium Helmet. Packed with all of the latest tech their design team is cooking up- this helmet more than delivers with respect to look, feel, protection and value. Let’s get into it!

Alpinestars is really starting to dominate the helmet market just like they have the boots. This modern masterpiece is going to make you completely reset your expectations for dirt bike helmets going forward. Because the comfort level of these helmets sets them apart from anything in this price range. They’ve simply figured out a way to make the heat and pain of wearing a motocross helmet not be an issue… regardless of how long your ride day gets!

Supertech S-M8 Radium Helmet Origins

At the outset of the MX helmet project, Alpinestars product philosophy applies and a set of specific objectives is set. First, create the most advanced, protective and performance enhancing helmet possible. So the primary objective is protection. We’re talking the most high performance protection possible. Secondly, we demand excellent ventilation, comfort and reduced weight. Right?

Alpinestars has a great approach creating  the advanced technology in the Supertech M8. In short, it draws on its depth of experience from over half a decade of world class innovation. Especially relevant is its deeply-rooted commitment to dirt bike gear. They know what it takes to bring a new, highly complex product to fruition. Namely, it requires specialized experience and know-how. Moreover, it takes a project plan led by the best brains in protection development.

All along, the goal is to allow riders to push the limits of performance. And do so while benefiting from premium safety technology. Not to mention reduced weight distribution! So as to minimize muscular effort in the neck, shoulders and back. All while improving physiological and cognitive performance. This is simply how Alpinestars attacks motocross apparel of every kind. In the end, this dedication optimizes comfort while riding.

Alpinestars Don’t Play…

The design is coherent to Alpinestars philosophy. Which is to say that it shares distinctive themes with the motocross boots in their portfolio. First, a smooth, attractive profile which is streamlined and free of any external channels. Secondly, features that might act as a load point in an impact, or compromise the overall integrity of the construction.

The surface curvature promotes reduced friction on impact. This allows deflection and the most efficient transfer of energy to protect the rider’s head from direct force to the skull. Not to mention damage to the neck and spinal column. Thirdly, the aperture is designed to accommodate a wide variety of dirt bike goggles and the air vents in the shell are located to maximize ventilation efficiency.

Lastly, the S-M8 shell profiles with performance as a priority. Just like their renowned line of street helmets! Moreover, with a design style that identifies the profile of the helmet and its sculpted surface. In short, it’s uniquely ‘Alpinestars’.

Supertech S-M8 Radium Helmet Features

  • Unique, patented, visor release system is another key attribute. It incorporates into the design of the Supertech M8.
  • Visor release is a key part of overall protection performance in the helmet. Easy to maneuver with your motocross gloves on. And a major influence on the distinctive, flush, design of the outer shell profile.
  • Alpinestars has a unique visor release system. It ensures the mounting is held securely in place for riding over the most extreme terrain. Furthermore, it provides exactly the right level of resistance to ensure the visor detatches from the helmet shell. This is paramount in the event of a significant impact.
  • The S-M8 visor release mechanism avoids the inherent weaknesses in other types of anchoring systems. It maintains shell integrity, which is vital for safety. It also mitigates multi-directional forces impacting on the visor. Also, separation at the critical point of loading reduces potentially damaging leverage and rotational accelerations. In short, it protects the rider’s neck and spine.
  • Ventilation is a key feature of the Supertech M8. Because we want you comfortable over your dirt bike controls
  • Heat mapping tests result in specifically-designed ducting which produces a positive flow into the helmet. This improves comfort while riding. And reduces the on-set of heat stress in extreme conditions.

Features (Continued)

  • The visor design of the S-M8 is also an integral part of the ventilation system as it is profiled to direct airflow, acting as a channel to concentrate and smooth the flow into the shell. The Supertech M8 liner design is formed to optimize airflow channeling around the rider’s head before being extracted from the S-M8 through rear exhaust vents to ensure positive pressure is maintained with constant airflow while riding.
  • Hydration system compatibility.
  • The Supertech M8 helmet lining design includes canals which allow a tube to be incorporated on either side of the shell. This is a feature extensively tested by Alpinestars rally raid and enduro riders. enabling convenient fitting and connection to a hydration system.
  • Interior lining comfort.
  • Removable liner cover is washable and features a cool-max fabric interior and anti-bacterial talent yarn for long-lasting freshness and quick-dry performance between riding sessions.
  •  Helmet features TPE coating washable surfaces to improve maintenance and increase durability.
  • Additional cheek pad set offering increased thickness of +5mm, for tighter fit adjustment – available separately.
  • 1360g for size Medium (DOT)

Without question, these helmets are armed to the teeth with incredible safety features. This is motocross protective gear of the highest order. Would you expect anything less from an industry leader like Alpinestars? Of course not. To that end, you can be sure that with this Supertech S-M8 Radium Helmet, you’re getting the latest in MX helmet technology.

Supertech S-M8 Radium Helmet @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, these Supertech S-M8 Radium Helmets fit the bill for any motocross rider looking for a great combination of safety and competitive performance. Furthermore, they’re in stock and ready to ship out right here at BTO Sports. We have it all, folks. And our customer service will ‘wow’ you. Trust. So next time you need dirt bike parts, new apparel or just a few miscellaneous dirt bike accessories– we have you hooked up! Come on over today.


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