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Alpinestars Tech 5 | Product Spotlight

Alpinestars Tech 5

Why Choose Alpinestars Over The Rest?

Alpinestars are one of the  highest demanded motocross boots on the market. With highly innovative designs, technology, and protective features they are able to meet the demands of almost every rider. Alpinestars has a reputation as one of the best motocross boot brands on the market which makes them one of the most trusted and used motocross boot today.

Granted there are plenty of other top boots to choose from such as Gaerne and Fox Racing, but none have a better reputation among the masses than Alpinestars. Although a deterrent of Alpinestars is their price tag, the Tech 5 boots have put an end to that heartbreak. The cliche “You get what you pay for” cannot be truer for Alpinestars.

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Alpinestars Tech 5 motocross boots
Some of the all-new Alpinestars Tech 5s. Shop now for great low pricing and free shipping only at Btosports.com!

The New Alpinestars Tech 5

Alpinestars set out to provide riders with an top-shelf motocross boot at half the price! You may be asking yourself “why is the cost of these boots so low compared to their ancestors” (the Tech 7 and Tech 10). Well, nothing is going to be the exact same in regards to protection & performance, but Alpinestars has done their best to do so.

They combined a majority of the protection, performance, and comfort technology from preexisting models into the Tech 5. This gives the Tech 5 the ultimate support and quality it needs to silence its competition within this price range.  Not to mention the 7 different color schemes derived from the top selling boots Alpinestars has to offer. With top-shelf manufacturing, perfected protection systems and unparalleled styling from an upper echelon company, there is no question that the Alpinestars Tech 5 is one of the best motocross boots under $300.00!

Check out this quick 60 review we put together for you for a brief overview. You can view all our product reviews and other videos on our Youtube page Btosports – Youtube.

What Makes The Tech 5 a “Go-To” Boot?

Now, I can’t say that this is going to be the top choice for the professional riders. Let’s be real here. Those guys get paid to wear the most expensive equipment to get you to buy it. What I can say though is that this Tech 5 is the perfect solution for saving money without sacrificing protection or performance.

A hybrid of the highly innovative Tech 7 and Tech 10,  the Tech 5 will have you feeling like one of the pros at a fraction of the price. With adult sizes ranging from size 5 to 16 and multiple colors to choose from, what are you waiting for? Some of the features that Alpinestars incorporated into this boot are the:

  • Achilles accordion flex zones and a bio-mechanical pivot system for improved movement
  • contoured TPU calf, medial, and lateral plates for protection
  • soft poly foam around the ankles and collar for unparalleled comfort
  • and so much more!

If you have any questions about these boots or any other product we offer, contact us! We will be happy to provide you with the information you need to make an educated purchase. Thank you for choosing BTO Sports and we hope to hear from you soon! Call 805-777-7601 or email us at [email protected]

The Alpinestars Tech 5 boots retail for $269.95 and available in multiple colors. To order yours from BTOSports.com, CLICK HERE



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