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Alter Ego 4.1 Textile Jacket | Product Spotlight


The Joe Rocket Alter Ego 4.1 Textile Jacket Gives No Quarter…

Today we hit the streets and take a good hard look at the Alter Ego 4.1 Textile Jacket from Joe Rocket. Always a fine purveyor of motorcycle apparel, Joe Rocket is really ’emptying the clip’ with this effort… this jacket is smokin’! Let’s get into it.

Let’s kick off this party with some great video accompaniment. Great content like this can always be found on our BTO Sports YouTube Channel as well. So we got you covered! Anyhow, Enjoy:

It’s easy to expand your riding climate range in comfort and style with the Alter Ego 4.1 Jacket. Because these motorcycle jackets sport the next- generation MetaSport II System. A three layer system comprised of a C.E. armored, Free Air™ mesh inner jacket. Which easily transitions to a fully waterproof zip-on outer layer. Lastly, it boasts a warm removable fleece vest liner for extra cold rides.

In short, this jacket covers a wide variety of riding conditions. So you’re never scrambling for cover! It’s this versatility that hard-core riders covet. As a result, Joe Rocket delivers once again.

Back in Black.

Alter Ego 4.1 Textile Jacket Features

The Joe Rocket Alter Ego 4.1 jacket is considered a 3-season jacket. We’re talking prime street apparel. Because there’s ‘wind tunnel cooling’ for the warm days and all kinds of liners and protection for the chilly months too. Everything you need is seemingly in this jacket! Just scan the spec sheet- you’ll see. Thanks to the new Alter Ego 4.1 Textile Jacket, you don’t have to buy more than one jacket for the different seasons.

Jacket Features

  • Outer Textile Jacket, waterproof treated Rock Tex 660 and Hitena outer shell that covers an armored mesh jacket underneath
  • Variable Flow ventilation system with waterproof zippers
  • Cross linked ventilation with Wind Tunnel Cooling
  • Multi-point Sure Fit adjustment system
  • 360 degree reflectivity
  • Extended Mandarin microfiber lined collar
  • Inner Mesh Jacket, heavy duty polyamide Free Air mesh
  • CE Certified armor in the shoulders and elbows
  • Ultra-low profile Neoprene collar
  • Removable quilted vest warmth liner
  • Removable Spine Pad (pictured below)
  • Multi-point Sure Fit adjustment system
  • Pockets for eyeglasses and face shield storage
  • 360 reflectivity

Just like the Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Jacket, the Alter Ego 4.1 comes in a gang of great color options. Of course, there’s black. It’s the default street rider’s color. But there’s also a vibrant red and even more vibrant HiViz Yellow for those who want to be visible to drones overhead. Perhaps even space stations- ha. The point is, you have options. And there’s nothing more American than that! So check out the color palette that Joe Rocket has put out here in 2019.

Ideal for night riding…

Also, Joe Rocket is a bear for the details. And that’s great news for us riders! Small things like the internal face shield pocket and the removable spine pad are what make a Joe Rocket jacket such an upgrade over other brands. You will never regret spending a little extra for the fit and comfort of a Joe Rocket jacket. And that fact certainly holds true here!

Alter Ego 4.1 Textile Jacket @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, if it’s a street jacket you are in the market for, you can do far worse than the Alter Ego 4.1 Textile Jacket. It can keep you warm and safe- and isn’t that the name of the game? Furthermore, they’re right here at BTO Sports. Your search ends right here! Grab yours today. And get those motorcycle parts you need too. We have it all. And our customer service will have you smiling. Come see why today.

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