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Anaheim 1 BTO Race Day Blog 2013 * Complete


450 Main Event

Davi Millsaps takes the win!

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The 450’s  lined up to what was unquestionably the most anticipated supercross season ever and it was Davi Millsaps grabbing the holeshot aboard his Rockstar Suzuki followed closely by Trey Canard, Ryan Dungey, and Chad Reed.  By the end of the first lap, it was Millsaps, Canard, Dungey, Reed, Grant, Weimer, Short, Stewart, Alessi and Brayton rounding out the top 10.  BTO Sports/KTM rider Matt would start in 14th place and jump up two spots just a few laps later.  Ryan Villopoto would suffer another bad start and come around in 12th on the first lap.  The top 4 stayed the same for a good portion of the race and began to pull away from Reed and the rest of the field.  By lap 6, Stewart was running in 8th place with Villopoto close behind and eventually making the pass.  Less than halfway thru the race, RV2 would go down and rode behind Goerke and K-Dub before eventually making the pass, only to fall down just a few laps later.  Meanwhile back up front, the action was heating up as Trey Canard began to real in Davi Millsaps and would make the pass stick on lap 16.  Barcia, who was running in 3rd went down right before all of this happened.  The entire crowd was on their feet as Millsaps and Canard put on a show.  Millsaps would close back in on Canard and would make the pass back into the lead with just a few turns left on the last lap.  With all of the hype surrounding the season about Villopoto, Reed, Dungey, Stewart, and Barcia, it was the dark horse that came out on top.  Not many people would have picked Davi to win and Trey to finish a close second, but they showed the world tonight that they are ready to do battle.  Not only did these two look comfortable on the bike, they were aggressive and did what they needed to do to secure the top 2 spots.  Ryan Dungey would ride a very consistent Dungey-like race and finish third, preferring to keep it on two wheels and get out of A1 alive and on the podium.  Chad Reed and Jake Weimer would round out the top 5.  Barcia would remount and end up in 7th.  James Stewart did not get off to a great start and did not show the aggression and speed to get up to the front like we are used to seeing with Stewart.  It was rumored that he hurt his knee at the end of practice and was going to “try” to race, time will tell how serious this knee injury is.

Final Results

1.) Davi Millsaps

2.) Trey Canard

3.) Ryan Dungey

4.) Chad Reed

5.) Jake Weimer

6.) Andrew Short

7.) Justin Barcia

8.) James Stewart

9.) Justin Brayton

10.) Kevin Windham

11.) Josh Grant

12.) Matt Goerke

13.) Kyle Chosholm

14.) Weston Peick

15.) Matt Lemoine

16.) Ryan Villopoto

17.) Vince Friese

18.) Broc Tickle

19.) Bobby Kiniry

20.) Mike Alessi


250 Main Event

Eli Tomac for the win!

The first main event kicked off and it was TLD Honda’s Jessy Nelson grabbing the holeshot once again but would go down shortly after, allowing Eli Tomac to slide by.  Right behind was Ken Roczen, Malcolm Stewart, and Cole Seely.  Blake Baggett would get stuck in this and ended up in the back of the pack while Eli Tomac wasted no time and jumped into the lead after the first rhythm section followed closely by Malcolm Stewart and Ken Roczen. Michael Leib got off to another great start rounding out the top 5 after lap 1.  Ken Roczen would make quick work of Mookie and move right into 2nd place.  By lap 5, Eli Tomac was out in front with a comfortabe 5 second lead.  Cole Seely would close in on Malcolm Stewart and made the pass into 3rd on lap 6 where he would remain for the rest of the race.  Malcolm Stewart gave up another position to Jason Anderson just a few laps later, and the top 5 would remain like this until the checkered flag waved.  Tomac was clearly the fastest rider on the track, his fastest time being neary a second and a half faster than everyone else.  Blake Baggett would end up in 14th, not where he wanted to be after the first round.

Final Results

1.) Eli Tomac

2.) Ken Roczen

3.) Cole Seely

4.) Jason Anderson

5.) Malcolm Stewart

6.) Ryan Sipes

7.) Zach Osborne

8.) Tyla Rattray

9.) Max Anstie

10.) Michael Leib

11.) Kyle Cunningham

12.) Christian Craig

13.) Joey Savatgy

14.) Blake Baggett

15.) Travis Baker

16.) Austin Politelli

17.) Jean Ramos

18.) Jessy Nelson

19.) Jake Canada


Matt Goerke and Brock Tickle battle it out

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450 Heat 1

The gate dropped for the first 450 heat race of the season and it was none other than Mike Alessi doing what he does best and grabbing the holeshot.  Alessi was followed by Justin Barcia, BTO Sports/KTM rider Matt Goerke, Jake Weimer, and Weston Peick. RV2 and Chad reed got mid-pack starts and were running 7th and 8th respectively on the first lap.  Barcia would begin to reel in Alessia and eventually pass him as Weimer was doing the same to Goerke.  Ryan Villopoto was undoubtedly the fastest man on the track and charging hard after his mediocrore start, running lap times nearly a second faster than anyone else.  He would catch Barcia and put the pressure on but Barcia was able to take home the win after the 7 lap heat race.  RV2 would finish a very close second followed by Alessi, Weimer, Goerke, Dungey, and Reed.  BTO Sports/KTM rider Les Smith suffered a bad start and would transfer to the LCQ.

450 Heat 2

Heat 2 of the 450 class would provide just as much action as Josh Grant grabbed the holeshot about his JGR Yamaha.  James Stewart would quickly grab the lead after a few corners followed by Canard.  At the start of the lap 1 the running order was Stewart, Canard, Grant, Milsaps, and Windham.  Davi Milsaps was looking very fast and started making moves as the race progressed.  Trey Canard, in his first race back from a horrible crash last year, would swap spots with Stewart and eventually jump into the lead.  Stewart was said to be having knee issues, and it showed as he faded through the race.  Davi Milsaps backed up his quick practice times passing Stewart and Canard before the whoop section.  Canard barely saved a crash before the whoops and would hold on to second place, Stewart finishing in third.

250SX heat one start

250 Heat 1

250 Heat 1 got off the gate and it was Jessy Nelson taking the holeshot in his first supercross race ever.  Nelson was followed closely by Roczen, Politelli, Baggett and Cole Seely.  Roczen would immediately make the pass after a few corners and continued to pull away lap by lap.  Behind Roczen, Seely would move into 3rd place where he would remain behind Nelson the rest of the race.  Following Seely was Austin Politelli and a charging Blake Baggett to round out the top 5.  Baggett was in 9th at one point but he put his head down and charged forward like he is so used to doing.

250 Heat 2

Martin Davalos came out of the gate swinging in the second 250 heat race pulling the holeshot and never looking back.  Following Davalos was Zach Osborne, Michael Leib, Jean Ramos, Kyle Cunningham, and Tyla Rattray.  Tomac got a horrible start but was up to 7th place by lap 3.  Leib held strong for most of the race but would eventually be passed by Kyle Cunningham on the last lap.  The top 5 finishers at the end of the race were Martin Davalos, Zach Osborne, Kyle Cunningham, Michael Leib, and Tyla Rattray. Eli Tomac would eventually finish in 6th place.


James Stewart

Click here for all photos from the Anaheim 1 Practice Gallery

This time it was James Stewart who put up the fastest lap time aboard his Yoshimura Suzuki RM-Z450, followed by Ryan Villopoto and Davi Millsaps.  After seeing both practices, it is becoming very clear how stacked this field is and how close everyone is in speed.  The top 5 riders were seperated by less than six tenths of a second, and only 4 seconds seperated the top 20.  Barcia settled down a bit in the second practice and turned in the 6th fastest time, making his presence more known this time around.  With all of this speed in the 450 class, a great start and staying on two wheels will be the key for getting aboard the podium at the first supercross race of the season.  Both BTO Sports/KTM riders Matt Goerke (58.674) and Les Smith (59.104) looked really comfortable in practice and are setting themselves up for good results tonights.  Les is filling in for Michael Byrne as he is still recovering from a broken leg this summer.  Les is thrilled to be riding under the BTO tent and has nothing but good things to say about the KTM. Check out the top 10 qualifying times below.

Top 10 450 Qualifiers (Session 2)

1.) James Stewart – 55.401

2.) Ryan Villopoto – 55.51

3.) Davi Millsaps – 55.917

4.) Ryan Dungey – 55.925

5.) Trey Canard – 55.945

6.) Justin Barcia – 56.359

7.) Andrew Short – 56.998

8.) Chad Reed – 57.066

9.) Broc Tickle – 57.078

10.) Mike Alessi – 57.353


Eli Tomac

The 250’s went out for their second timed practice and once again Eli Tomac came out with the fastest time, followed by Ken Roczen and Zach Osborne.  All three riders were able to crack into the 56 second mark and were the only three riders in this practice to do so.  Roczen was less than a 10th of the second off the pace.  When interviewed after the practice Roczen just said he was out there “feeling good and having fun.”  It definitely showed a he was out there scrubbing the triples and doing sections only a few others were stringing together.

Top 10 250 Qualifiers (Session 2)

1.) Eli Tomac – 56.705

2.) Ken Roczen – 56.767

3.) Zach Osborne – 56.987

4.) Blake Baggett – 57.015

5.) Martin Davalos – 57.189

6.) Ryan Sipes – 57.391

7.) Tyla Rattray – 57.562

8.) Jake Canada – 57.709

9.) Jason Anderson – 57.850

10.) Max Anstie – 58.137


Ryan Dungey

The first timed practices for both the 250 class and 450 class have finished and plenty of riders are looking ready for tonight.  In the 250 class it was Eli Tomac putting down the fastest lap time with a 57.360 followed closely by Ken Roczen’s 57.641 and Martin Davalos’ 58.039.  The top 10 fastest times were less than 2 seconds apart indicating that we are in store for some close racing tonight.  Blake Baggett (5th fastest qualifier) was the only 250 rider to quad into a rythem section – this could be a great opportunity for Baggett to make passes come the night show.

Top 10 250 Qualifiers:

1.) Eli Tomac – 57.360

2.) Ken Roczen – 57.641

3.) Martin Davalos – 58.039

4.) Ryan Sipes – 58.241

5.) Blake Baggett – 58.432

6.) Jason Anderson – 58.801

7.) Zach Osborne – 58.815

8.) Jake Canada – 58.988

9.) Malcolm Stewart – 59.079

10.) Christian Craig – 59.113

Ryan Villopoto as not missed a beat as he was the fastest 450 qualifier in the first timed session with a 55.980.  Villopoto was the only rider to dip into the 55 second range. Following Villopoto was James Stewart with a 56.225 and Davi Millsaps with a 56.855. Seeing Millsaps crack the top 3 in the first practice might be a surprise to some, but he was looking extremely comfortable and fast about his Rockstar Suzuki RM-Z450.  The track seems a bit one lined so racers will have to get creative tonight if they want to make some passes.  Many touted Barcia to go out and instantly make an impact in this class – he was the 11th fastest qualifier in the first timed heat and went down in one of the turns. Barcia was looking aggressive in practice – look for him to carry that into the night show. Trey Canard also turned some heads in practice as he layed down the 5th fastest lap of the first timed sessions.  It’s great to see Canard back up to speed and looking comfortable after his horrific crash last year.  BTO Sports/KTM rider Matt Goerke posted the 16th fastest time, just a tick off of Josh Grant.  Here were the top 10 qualifiers for the 450 class.

Top 10 450 Qualifiers:

1.) Ryan Villopoto – ..55.980

2.) James Stewart – 56.255

3.) Davi Millsaps – 56.855

4.) Ryan Dungey – 57.107

5.) Trey Canard – 57.342

6.) Kevin Windham – 57.378

7.) Chad Reed – 57.519

8.) Broc Tickle – 57.658

9.) Justin Brayton – 58.091

10.) Jake Weimer – 58.749

[singlepic id=744 w=320 h=240 float=]

Anaheim 1 Practice Gallery


Track walk is done and it looks like tonight will be a great track for racing!  The whoops are bigger than normal A1 whoops, and the rhythm sections are going to take some technical skill to get through.  With the riders meeting done, everyone is now focused on the first practice session of the season.  Be sure to log on here to to check out all the photos and action from practice!

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A1 Track
The big step down at A1


Welcome to the BTO Sports Race Day Blog from Anaheim 1, 2013! This year, BTO Sports will be your own race reporter, as the BTO news team will be blogging live throughout the race day to give you all the up-to-minute race action!

 BTO Sports/KTM:

BTo Bike2
The new look of the BTO Sports/KTM race bikes!

First, the big news for the BTO Sports team is a change to the KTM racing machines.  The BTO Sports/KTM team is getting full factory support from KTM, and has stepped it up for 2013.  Riding for the team in 2013 is Matt Goerke and Michael Byrne.  If you remember, Goerke filled in for Byrne last year on the BTO squad, and impressed the bosses so much that he was brought on full time. Byrne  is still out with a leg injury suffered during the Outdoor Nationals last year and will not be racing here at A1. In replacement for Byrne is the up and coming Les Smith.  Les, who turned heads all summer long during the Outdoors will be BTO Sports/KTM’s second rider.  Look for both riders to be strong during the day on the new bikes.

Less Smith
Les Smith is excited to show what he’s got on the BTO Sports/KTM 450

BTO Sports “Party in the Pits”:

If you are heading to the season opener at Anaheim, be sure to stop by the BTO Sports/KTM semi to sign up for our newsletter and enjoy food and refreshments throughout the day.  The pits open at high noon, so be sure to head over as early as possible to grab a seat in our fan hospitality area and enjoy some BBQ’d burgers courtesy of Bubba Burger along with snacks and refreshments.  We look forward to seeing everyone here, so stop by grab food and a team poster!

Bubba Burgers  Team BTO Sports poster at the Pit Party!

Friday in the pits:

Friday in the pits before the opening round is a bit chaotic, with everyone scrambling to finish their set-ups.  Our own Mike B. took his camera around and grabbed a few shots in-between all the chaos. Check out the photos by clicking here

James Stewart’s bike is ready for action. 

Class Breakdowns:

This year both the 250SX and 450SX classes are stacked. It’s going to be a battle all season long. To get more familiar with the riders in each class, check out our breakdowns of both classes: The West Coast 250SX class click here .The 450SX class, click here


Be sure to log on to the BTO Sports Race Day Blog all day for updates and photos of all the action from Anaheim!

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