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Anaheim 2 SX 2020 | Race Recap

Supercross 2020 Anaheim 2 Race Recap


Anaheim 2 – No A1 Sauce Please

Welcome to the BTO Sports Garage, your one stop shop for moto news, updates, and insider information. We can all agree, Anaheim 2 was better racing than A1. From track difficulty, dirt characteristics, to battles on the track, A2 proved to be the better of the two Supercross 2020 events that took place in Anaheim, CA. Let’s look at some key features that differentiated the two from each other.

Number one, the track difficulty that was presented in A2 overshadowed both A1 and St. Louis because of the technical challenges it presented. Next, the dirt and its features of being hard-packed, slick, and challenging to control a bike on made A2 a feat for the athletes to try and tackle. Last, and certainly not least A2 showcased some of the most intense racing that Supercross has seen in its 2020 season.

Eli Tomac crosses the finish line for his 28th Main Event win. Photo credit: MotoXAddicts – Octopi.

450SX Class Overview

Eli Tomac graced that podium at the top spot in Anaheim, and he worked for it. In his 100th career Main Event start in the Monster Energy 450SX Class to claim his 28th win, Tomac was riding with ease on Saturday.

Although he started out slow by his eighth lap Tomac was able to surpass the holeshot winner Ken Roczen and take the lead which he held with a comfortable margin all the way to the podium. Although Roczen was racing well, it was obvious he wasn’t able to control his bike like he was in St. Louis. The defending champ Cooper Webb took his second podium in a repeat third prize at A2 similar to Anaheim’s opening weekend.

Unfortunately, riders like Stewart, Cianciarulo, Anderson, and 2nd place points leader Justin Barcia all fought for those spots on the podium but fell short on a tough stage in Anaheim. It seemed as if Tomac and Roczen were in a world of their own leading the pack while the rest of the group battled it out behind them.

Jett Lawrence takes an unfortunate spill in the last moments of Anaheim 2’s 250SX Class Main Event. Photo credit: Motocross Action Magazine.

250SX Class Recap

Whether you think it was a dirty inside cut or not, chances are you saw Ferrandis on the final laps of A2. That kind of excitement is the energy that made A2 the better of the races. While we never want to see anyone go down with an injury like GEICO Honda’s Jett Lawrence, the intensity of those last few laps in the 250SX Class got the crowd in the stands and at home, going.

It was absolute pandemonium in Southern California when reigning champ Dylan Ferrandis took the inside low corner and forced Craig up and over the Tuff Block in the final moments of A2. If that wasn’t enough Craig’s GEICO Honda teammate Jett Lawrence made an absolute all-out effort to take the lead from Ferrandis and got off balance that sent him over his bars and face first into a whoop section.

With a broken clavicle Lawrence will be out for the remainder of the west rounds and hopes to make a return in the east. Ferrandis received a pending fine of $3,000 after he serves his 12-month probation for his actions in the final moments of the race.

Ferrandis’ teammate Justin Cooper benefited from the mayhem in the final moments of the race and cruised into a second place finish to hold onto the points lead for the 250SX Class. Brandon Hartranft followed up last week with another third place finish that solidified his points total in third position.

For future race recaps, previews, and updates check back in with the BTO Garage. Thanks for reading!

James Day
Web Content Creator at BTO Sports Inc.