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Answer 2020 Gear Collection

Since 1976 Answer has been creating motocross gear. As much as they respect the past, they know that as time progresses their gear needs to as well. They know what a rider needs, So they did just that and built the 2020 Collection.

With the technology inside today’s motorcycles, riders are really pushing themselves beyond their previous limits. Setting new goals, and preparing their selves for what comes next. One thing that needs to adapt to the changes, is the gear the riders are wearing. Answer has done just that with their 2020 gear line.  They have restructured the fit of their gear to ensure there are no boundaries on where this gear can take you.

Answer 2020 Gear release: 2 Riders in Answer Gear

Trinity Premium Racewear

Let’s begin with their Trinity Premium Racewear Line.  The Trinity is Answer’s premier level of motocross gear they make, worn by some of the highest level racers around the world. Designed to move with your body, the Trinity Gear line was molded with a comfortable body position in mind. Nowhere on this set of gear will you feel restricted, just pure, seamless movements to help you get the race results that you want.  

The jersey has strategically located laser-cut holes and a spandex neck panel. It has articulated panels for targeted flex zones and spandex stretch dart on sleeve openings. The athletic body form keeps this jersey light in weight and comfortable. To resist wear and tear, the pants have a 300 Denier multi-weave 4-way stretch nylon panel at the knees, as well as a 900 denier seat panel. It has a mesh lower leg insert and an integrated knee and thigh TPR system that allows for unobstructed airflow. Trinity Pants have double and triple stitching throughout, with engineered stretch channels.

Elite Gear Line

Next up is the new Elite Gear line. This gear line is tough and will withstand the elements with the quality of the materials and construction. Not to mention the style of this gear is comfortable and will surely help get you noticed with its dynamic color combos. Made with premium high-strength nylon & polyester fabrics, the pants have genuine leather knees, with an adjustable waistband. They have a ratchet buckle system and pre-shaped knees to ensure comfort while riding. Moisture-wicking fabric with a composite collar and lycra cuffs construct the jersey. Moreover, They have fade-free sublimated graphics to keep the jersey looking as new as the day you first wore it. This gear combo’s pro-level design is an all-around advantage for racers and will keep you looking good while out on the track.


Answer has also released the AR5 Helmet, which is an unparalleled step forward in safety and value. Valued at an affordable price, the Ar5 is the first-ever fiberglass helmet that comes equipped with MIPS Technology. In the result of a crash, the AR5 has incorporated a low-friction layer between the helmet and the head to help reduce the rotational force on the brain. MIPS technology has redefined the safety standards for the impact on the head. Additionally, this helmet also comes with a Cool-Core interior which aids in evaporative cooling. As well as a dual-density EPS liner that offers superior impact absorption.  It is available in 2 colors and an Ar5 Korza which is available in 4. At a retail price of only $299, this is one helmet you won’t want to pass up


In addition to the 2020 Gear Release, Answer has also created something geared more towards the trail or adventure rider. Selecting off-road gear can be a tough choice. There are some that will be comfortable and then some that are made from good quality material, but rarely are they both. Answer has eliminated that issue with the new Ops Gear. Answer created something that is light and comfortable, but also strong and durable. Answer’s inspiration for this gear line was from our military heroes, and with that brought a fresh approach for a gear that is, “Ready for the battle and built for war”. This gear is perfect for the serious off-road rider that will hold up in encounters with earth’s elements.

The Answer 2020 collection is a modernized fit for today’s riding style and the creation of an entirely new category for the brand. They have taken huge strides of progression when creating this gear and opened new opportunities for the rider. Answers goal with this collection is to push forward toward the future and possibilities of the sport. You can find the whole Answer 2020 Collection here at Trust me when I say this is something you are NOT going to want to miss. So head on over to Shop now and Be The One with BTO Sports.

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