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Arai XD-4 Depart Helmet | ADV Spotlight


Get Serious in the Arai XD-4 Depart Helmet.

Let’s get ready to spark up an adventure! Because today we look at the latest and greatest offering from Arai… the XD-4 Depart Helmet. This is a helmet series that has the whole ADV community in a frenzy- and now there’s a brand new design with some killer color options. So let’s get into it!

As you can see- the graphics and colors of these helmets command your immediate attention! And if you think they look good, just wait until you try one on. It’s been said many times: putting on an Arai helmet will ruin other helmets for you for the rest of your days…

The all-new Arai XD-4 Depart!

The new XD-4 series is similar in appearance to the previous XD3, but it’s greatly improved in all-around performance. The combination of the new comfort liner, temple pads and cheek pad design add a new dimension to the concept of helmet fit. Needless to say, it takes a unique sense of commitment to continually strive to improve your product; especially when it’s already regarded as the very best. But that’s Arai for you!

The Arai XD-4 Helmet series is an overwhelming success for both the company and its legion of loyal customers alike. Because every aspect of this helmet’s development is meticulously scrutinized by the Arai design team.

Simply put, you will not find dual sport helmets with this much technology anywhere, at any price. The XD-4 series is that special. And we’re going to show you why in the features list below!

You next adventure awaits…

True Performance… The XD-4 Depart

It’s easy to see why Arai’s adventure riding gear and helmets rule the roost. First off, the Twin-Cam Shield Pivot System on the Arai XD helmet allows the faceshield to operate fully under a peak. Moreover, even that can be lowered for better aerodynamics. Secondly, its high-flow peak channels air directly into the front vents. Additionally, Dual TDF3 top intake vents and Double Delta bridged exhaust vents draw a significant volume of air from the helmet interior.

Meanwhile, the shell of the XD-4 Depart is constructed of fiberglass composite. So it’s stronger and lighter than any of the street helmets you’ve had in the past! Moreover, it allows for softer, less dense liner materials for increased rider comfort.

Arai knows helmets!

Next up is the chin bar vent. With interior and exterior controls, it flows fresh air to the mouth area or across the shield interior to help prevent fogging. While the large chin bar side exhaust vents draw out additional hot air.

Lastly, Arai XD series helmets can be configured in a number of ways; with shield and peak, peak only, for use with motorcycle eyewear, or shield only. The combinations are dizzying! But this versatility comes in handy as riding conditions do change on the fly.

Armed to the teeth with features…

Arai XD-4 Depart Helmet Features

So you want features and extras, do ya? Well then you’ve come to the right place. Because the Arai XD-4 Depart Helmet brings a litany of specs that will both awe and inspire you… inspire you to buy one that is! Check it out:


Arai’s patented FCS® Cheek Pad design delivers comfort and support, and it features our exclusive 5mm peel-away custom-fit layer.


The vent has more intake ports for improved airflow.


The exclusive peel-away side/temple crown pads give you the option of 5mm more of interior width if needed. Yet another level of fit customization no other helmet brand offers.


Arai’s Dry-Cool® technology keeps you drier and cooler (hence the name) for greater long-haul comfort.


The larger, sculpted vents improve ventilation efficiency as well as helmet stability on your head at speed.


These top-diffuser-vent ports nearly double the XD4’s airflow, while its shell shape provides better aerodynamic stability at higher street speeds in concert with its high-flow peak and side cowl vents.


Brow vents in the XD4 faceshield provide airflow to the temple area of the head.


Developed to allow easier access to an injured rider, the XD4’s cheek pads slide out easily – via the integrated pull-tabs built into the underside of the cheek pad – making helmet removal much easier for trained medical personnel.

Arai not only makes safe helmets that are ridiculously comfortable, but they’re also tremendously functional as well. The design is all about the rider experience, so things like street motorcycle cameras and audio headsets are clearly in the minds of the design team. And they’re quite easy to use while wearing Arai helmets.

After all, it’s adventure we’re talking about. So the helmet you wear has to be ready for anything. And equipped for anything! To that end, you won’t have to worry about your XD-4 Depart helmet when hitting up your GPS Navigation to get you pointed back in the right direction.

Magic, from every angle.

Honestly, we still can’t make up our minds about which color looks better. The Black/Silver Frost (pictured above) really makes a statement… no doubt. But there’s something about the White/Blue that pops in a crowd. Decisions, decisions…

Furthermore, while we know Arai is serious about their helmets, they’re equally serious about their Adventure/Dual Sport Accessories! Check out the vid below- as it details the great face-shield options for the new XD-4 series:

The Arai XD-4 Depart Fit

Especially relevant is that Arai is the only company offering multiple interior-fit shapes to better address the infinite variety of riders’ head shapes and sizes. This is true of their Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Helmets as well. In fact, Arai has pioneered different shapes for more than three decades!

Clearly, no one pays more attention to the subtle variations and infinite possibilities of the human head shape than Arai. Why? Because it’s the secret to getting the best comfort and fit.


Arai XD-4 Depart Helmet @ BTO Sports

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