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ARC Levers RC8 Clutch Perch Set | Product Spotlight

ARC Levers Does It Again with the RC8.

The products that put ARC Levers on the map are the Unbreakable Folding Levers. Everybody goes down, and no one wants to lose a race or ruin a ride day with broken or bent levers.  That is the worst! The ARC Levers RC8 Clutch Perch is guaranteed for life. Furthermore, they’re proving their worth on top-level SX, MX, EX and Off Road Champions every year. For over a decade! In short, ARC Levers keep you on the gas.

Take a quick look (and by quick, we mean 60 seconds!) at this video, outlining the great new RC8 Clutch Perch from Arc. The BTO Sports YouTube Channel is on fire with dirt bike product reviews right now!

Published on Jan 10, 2018

Order ARC RC8 Clutch Lever Perch! Save yourself time and money by eschewing Amazon or Ebay for MX parts and coming directly here to BTO Sports. We will hook you up!

The features include ARC folding adjustable lever, external pivot etc. All the models contain a nylon sleeve that contacts the handlebar, which aid in rotation in moments of crash. The feel of these levers under your motocross gloves will give you great confidence in race conditions! Lever pivots are protected with sealed bearings that eliminate friction virtually to generate a smooth, consistent feel.

ARC (pr. ärk) is known by many as the “Factory’s Factory”. Because when the top Moto and Off Road Teams need custom top-secret designs, they hire Bob Barnett and his team in Santa Ana, CA to make the best parts on the planet.

The RC8 Clutch Perch Assembly

RC-8 Clutch Perch Assembly: This Billet Aluminum CNC-Machined lever assembly is the one that all the top Pro’s use. The features start with the ARC folding adjustable lever. And there is a nylon sleeve that contacts the handlebar that allows for rotation in a crash.

The cable 1/8 turn quick adjust has a large diameter rubber wheel that is easy to reach on the line or in the air. One of the highlights is the “external pivot”. This breakthrough is now a signature element of most ARC Levers. The pivot bolt screws into the lever and the bolt rotates in the perch on replaceable bushings. This eliminates almost all up and down play in the lever.

The RC8 Clutch Perch Spec Sheet

  • Highest quality that is produced in a standard mount perch
  • Utilizes the durability of the already famous ARC flex lever
  • Minimally-thin nylon sleeve is for maximum lubricity
  • Backside hot start lever is completly out of harms way and easily accessible
  • External pivot eliminates up and down play
  • Fits all cable clutch 00-13 off-road bikes
ARC RC8 Lever/Perch set is the winning combination!


Why Arc Levers?

ARC Levers was started as a need to reposition a lever to fit a riders hand size. When making the first prototypes they realized that they could rotate out of the way in a crash preventing major damage. Since 1999, ARC is continually improving the existing products and are adding new dirt bike controls that meet the industries’ brutal requirements. ARC Levers has gained valuable knowledge by working with many factory teams and riders.

The gear available today is a result of extensive testing and development. For example, the ARC Flex Brake Lever is a great result of such R & D. This allows the average rider to have factory level parts at a reasonable price. That is what ARC Levers is all about.

ARC Levers RC8 @ BTO Sports

BTO Sports is the place to go for all things motocross. This is certainly true of dirt bike parts. ARC clutch levers are designed with minute detailing and high level of refinement. And specifically for dirt bikes. They offer superb friction free, slop-free lever action and are fully adjustable. Get yours today right here at BTO Sports.

Chris Leahy
CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!

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